[Belgian] Catholic Hospital group offers euthanasia to mentally ill

VATICAN CITY—A chain of Catholic psychiatric hospitals in Belgium is granting euthanasia to non-terminal patients, defying the Vatican and deepening a challenge to the church’s commitment to a constant moral code.

The board of the Brothers of Charity, Belgium’s largest single provider of psychiatric care, said the decision no longer belongs to Rome. Truly Christian values, the board argued in September, should privilege a “person’s choice of conscience” over a “strict ethic of rules.”

From the WSJ: https://www.wsj.com/articles/catholic-hospital-group-grants-euthanasia-to-mentally-ill-defying-vatican-1509096600

I cannot say how horrified I am and how the good souls of Geel, Belgium must be turning over in their graves! (Short history: http://all-that-is-interesting.com/geel-belgium-mental-illness) Geel is the town St Dymphna fled to. After her death, families with mentally ill members came to the town to visit her grave, and they left the mentally ill in the town. Townspeople took them in, and a now–700-year-old tradition of caring for the mentally ill by allowing them to simply live with everyone else was started.

houououou, this is shameful.


I think that the only response I can have, is to pray

I heard about this awhile ago; the board decided to keep offering euthanasia despite the possibility of losing their Catholic status. So is the Vatican actually going to do something about this or are they just going to make idle threats? I guess we’ll see.

I smell Nazism. It’s starting again. Or did it truly ever end? The eugenics movement is alive and well! “First we’ll prevent births, then we’ll end the undesirable ones, after that we’ll take care of useless eaters who’ve escaped to maturity, and finally we’ll finish the old and weak.” Truly we’re seeing the culture of death rear it’s ugly head! Just like in WWII Europe. Only this time I fear it will be worse.

Eugenics was associated with Nazism but is different. Prenatal screening is a form of it. I think what you are referring to is called human population planning utilizing euthanasia.

At some point it all rolls in together. The philosophy is definitely shared. It all ends the same way :skull:

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