Belgian murderer Van Den Bleeken wins 'right to die'


A Belgian man serving a life sentence for rape and murder will be allowed to have doctors end his life, after a landmark ruling.

Unable to control his violent sexual urges, Frank Van Den Bleeken, who is 50, argued he would never be freed.

The decision follows a three-year legal battle by the prisoner, who was convicted in the 1980s.


Yea, they do this in the states too. I remember the Michael Ross case. They press the legal system and leave them with no choice legally.

Difference is the OP wasn’t sentenced to death but to life in prison. Is it morally ethical for lifers to opt for death? And is the state obligated to consent?


Wow. This is so incredibly sad. I hope that someday the laws which have legalized euthanasia will be overturned. Euthanasia is gravely immoral.


He is a convicted rapist and murderer. If he wants to end his life, I am not opposed to this.


Consider that he is beloved by God and that God would want nothing more than for this convicted rapist and murderer to spend an eternity with Him in Heaven. Then consider that Euthanasia not only is a grave sin in-and-of-itself, but that it will permanently prevent him from repenting.

As much as I understand the desire to see all manner of ill befall this man, I don’t think that’s what God wants here. I guess we can only pray that this fellow repents before the end.


If we’re considering what God wants, I would very humbly suggest that he would not have wanted this man’s victims to be raped and murdered.


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