Belgian police arrest protesters, stand off with youths

Belgian police made a series of arrests of right-wing and anti-racist protesters in Brussels on Saturday, and riot squads engaged in a tense confrontation with local youths in the district of Molenbeek.

The standoff grew out of plans by a far-right group to hold a demonstration in Molenbeek, a largely Muslim neighborhood where a number of the militants who staged attacks in Paris had been based. An anti-racist group had called for a counter-demonstration.

                                  RT is claiming over 100 were arrested.

Thank God these hate-mongers were halted before they could spew their venom.

The hate mongers are getting out of Molenbeek and spewing there venom all the time

Before Merkel, Europe was a relatively tranquil place to visit.

You cannot be serious. everywhere since post WW II used to be peaceful in Europe before Islamic terrorism.

It’s shocking that an area like Molenbeek can exist in once Catholic Belgium

Merkel allowed people to come in without being screened.

What do you expect, with Merkel’s open border policies?

She didn’t actually. It was the Greeks who were found not to have conducted proper checks. But this enclave of Brussels was a problem well before last year’s migration.

Please see:

That she invited them to come to Germany is not in doubt. But there was a screening process that was not operationalised by the Greeks. They didn’t arrive in Germany by plane for pities sake!

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