Belgium's parliament votes through child euthanasia

DEUS VULT! :thumbsup:

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I’ve signed it! I would do anything in my power to stop this crime against humanity.

More trash from the left.

Infanticide is quite common in pagan societies.

God have mercy on us. How much lower can we go? And if you think this will begin and end in Belgium, think again. Undoubtedly it will make its way here and will have no lack of enthusiasts relentlessly pushing for it

Other countries refuse to extradite their citizens to the U.S. for capital crimes, or to export drugs that are used for lethal injections to the U.S. The least we could do is put a State Department travel advisory against any children (or adults) traveling to Belgium, and place an embargo on any pharmaceuticals being manufactured in the United States that could be used for euthanasia. Treat their government like the pariah state it is.


Evil like this, and those who would spread it, need a serious curb-check.

ok, lets see i saw this forum by looking around on the internet
(i am belgian btw)
and i really think you miss the point here. The law is only used for children who are in inhumane pain, it’s just a way to help them stop the pain.
on the other hand do the doctors and several psychiatrists have to confirm the request (and the parents for minors) so the law is realy a good thing.
I personally think it became time some country in the world did have the guts to make these decission

sorry for my english there will probably be a lot of spelling mistakes

Pain is not a reason to take a human life. We all have pain in life, in some form or fashion, and we do not have the authority to take life just because we see suffering.

You are wrong. Completely wrong. 100% wrong, and what you country has done is one of the most evil things I’ve seen happen in the world in a long, long time. You should be deeply, completely ashamed of your homeland.

no it would be pure evil if you would let an innocent child, who’s in severe pain, with absolutely 0% chance of overcomming or reducing this pain and an absolute death wish live

Hi Missiderap, welcome to the forum.

You do realise that no sensation of pain is actually ceasing here? The doctors won’t be stopping the pain, but the patient. That can never be a solution since a doctor’s primary of care is to preserve a patient’s health, not end his life!

but it isn’t the doctors decission. he’s merely giving permission to the patient for his own decission.

btw why would you reject the request for teenagers (cause they will be the one’s using it, no child of like 6 would ever meet the requirement of knowing exactly what he’s asking) when it will be legal when he turns 18.
That’s just making him suffer more

Reason #6: Euthanasia is Not of God.

Intentionally causing one’s own death, or suicide, is therefore equally as wrong as murder; such an action on the part of a person is to be considered as a rejection of God’s sovereignty and loving plan.

                                                     The Vatican's "Declaration on Euthanasia."[11]

Just as God created us for missions that only He knows, He reserves for Himself the right to call us home. We are His finest creations, the only creations made in His image, and we have no right to destroy ourselves. The Fifth Commandment does not refer only to acts committed against others it prohibits the abuse and destruction of our own bodies and souls.

The idea of voluntarily undergoing suffering is entirely alien to the Modernist/Neoliberal mind. Once God has been eliminated from the equation of life, we feel no obligation to Him and have no patience for the burdens He may lay on us from time to time.

There are times in our lives when we must suffer, and times when we must surrender control to others. Christians realize that their sufferings are only a pale shadow of what Christ Himself endured for our redemption.

To reject the life that God gave us is also, in a larger sense, to reject Christ Himself.


also the whole idee of a crusade war against belgium is a little far going :wink:

Reason #2: Euthanasia Sets a Bad Example.

Evil committed for a good cause remains evil.
Even when it succeeds?
Above all when it succeeds.

                                                     Victor Hugo, History of a Crime (1877).[10]

The Payback Is Coming.

Regardless of whether or not we like it, our primary function as adults in this society is to set the example for younger and less experienced persons even if we have no children ourselves. After all, what we teach the young will largely determine how they run the world after they inherit it and this, in turn, will determine what kind of world our grandchildren will inherit.

What we teach the young will also determine how they treat us when we are elderly and infirm.

Impacts On Teen Suicide.

The teen suicide rate in this country has tripled in the last fifteen years to more than 2,500 deaths per year, as discussed in Chapter 88 of Volume II, “Suicide by Teenagers.” We read about suicide pacts and teen murder/suicides on a weekly basis. Experts in the demographics of suicide (suicidologists) already call this situation ‘epidemic.’

What kind of an example does Janet Adkins give to teenagers when she kills herself just because her piano playing is beginning to deteriorate? Or because she may experience some unknown degree of pain eight to ten years down the road pain that could easily be alleviated?

How will we tell a despondent teenager that he has no right to kill himself if the cheerleader he adores spurns him? How about the young girl whose pet cat dies? Or who becomes pregnant too soon? Or the boy who doesn’t make the baseball team? Or who gets a failing grade on his report card?

Teenagers don’t respond to a double standard. They don’t accept the adage “Do as I say, not as I do.” If euthanasia becomes legal and accepted by society, we must expect our ‘epidemic’ of teen suicide to become a ‘pandemic,’ with 10,000 to 20,000 additional cases per year. How will we react to a pandemic of teen suicide without appearing (and being) grossly hypocritical?

you can’t just quote the bible as an argument it’s like the invallid arguments of the creationists when they’re arguying against darwinism

teen suicide has nothing to do with this cause to be permitted euthanasia you have to be terminal with unbaerable pain

also euthanasia is legal for adults in belgium for 12 years now and their was no rising in teen suicides since then

Putting a child to death because you believe he/she is suffering so much that you believe there is no amount of medication that can alleviate it, is subjective, i.e., how are we to decide what is or isn’t severe pain, i.e., severe pain is not as objective a term as you make it out to be. Moreover, there is always a means to alleviate pain, there are always new procedures being invented, there is always the chance that a cure can be achieved, if all else fails, then at least allow nature to run it’s course so that the child dies naturally, i.e., with nothing artificial keeping them alive.

Medicine is not in the business of killing but of healing, we need to make great strides in palliative care, and we have been, i.e., by legalizing Euthanasia you are undermining the efforts of all medical practitioners who take their profession of saving lives seriously (I highly doubt doctors backed this bill, in fact, I highly doubt the majority of doctors would agree with you).

Moreover, by legalizing Euthanasia you are allowing the state the ability to end life (and do not deceive yourself by thinking that it cannot do so without your permission, there are many cases wherein doctors are euthanizing against the express wishes of the patient).

P.S. If you really want to die then why bother having the state sanction it, do it yourself!!!

By the way, is this the severe pain you were referring to:

Belgian doctors euthanize deaf and blind twins

The debate over euthanasia has erupted once again in Belgium following the death by lethal injection of two twin brothers who were deaf and blind.

The pair who had lived and worked together all their lives had requested to be put to sleep after being unable to bear not to see and hear each other.

The 45-year-olds were given lethal injections at a hospital in Brussels last month after having a cup of coffee together and saying their goodbyes.

But the case has tested the boundaries of Belgium’s law on assisted suicide which was legalised in 2002.

In 2011, more than 1,100 people were granted the right to die. Almost all were above 60 years old and most had cancer.

Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Switzerland have decriminalised euthanasia.

P.S. I’m sure Helen Keller would be proud. :rolleyes:

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