believe in bible

I speak Engish bad

One don’t believe holy bible
One might be catholic?

Do you mean not believing some parts, or not believing that the Bible is inspired by God?

Bilmek ve biz ilk o Yeni Ahit yeryüzünde iken Rabbimiz İsa ne dedi bilmek zorunda inanmak, bu anlamak ve daha yakından O’nu takip nasıl ve O’nun Kilise hangi aracılığıyla o Katolik Kilisesi kurdu:signofcross:

One cannot be Catholic and not believe in the holy bible, because it is a teaching of the Catholic Church that the bible is holy and inspired. It is precisely because of the Catholic Church that we from the western European tradition believe in the bible at all.

And that is what I find to be strange, that some people believe in the bible but do not believe in the Catholic Church! This makes no sense at all.


If you’re from a francophone Muslim country, and you write your posts in French, I can translate for you.

I and 99% of CAF members don’t understand Turkish. Could you translate your post into English for us?

Here’s the Google Translate translation.

And we know that the New Testament first have to know what he said while on earth to believe in our Lord Jesus, understand this and how to follow Him more closely and His Church through which he founded the Catholic Church

sorry :frowning:

I believe in Jesus. I do not believe God of Old Testament.
Jesus and god of old testament are different

My friends is ex-christian. Now my friends is atheist beceuse they do not believe god of old testament. People leave church :frowning:

sorry :frowning:

yes, I do not believe bible :frowning:

Your beliefs are a very old heresy called Marcionism. It dates to the 2nd century AD. It was answered by the Catholic Church long ago.

And here is a link to Jimmy Akin’s writings on some of the “dark” passages of Scripture. It might help you to put the Old Testament into perspective and realize that the God of the OT is the same God of the NT.

That passage doesn’t sound like proper English. Human translators are better than machines. So, in my view, if someone posts on the forum in another language, they should provide the English version too.

Agreed, but was using it for a quick translation to provide at least some comprehension.

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