Bell for Funeral on Good Friday

At our parish, there is a funeral scheduled for Good Friday. My question is about tolling the bell - I know the general rule is that the bells are silent from the Gloria on Holy Thursday to the Gloria on Holy Saturday, but does this rule apply to funerals as well?

From Paschale Solemnitatis #61, under the heading “Good Friday”:
All celebration of the sacraments on this day is strictly prohibited, except for the sacraments of penance and anointing of the sick. Funerals are to be celebrated without singing, music, or the tolling of bells.

Guess that answers that question :).

Thanks for the quick response.

I have to grin…

That same letter limits the washing of feet to the male variety which seems to be followed less and less. Yet the same people who push for the washing of womens’ and kids’ feet get upset if a tower bell is solemnly tolled at 3pm on Good Friday.

One of the bell ringers at my parish has jokingly (I think) threatened to lock herself in the belfry and ring despite the demands of the local “liturgists.”

And this would not be a funeral Mass, and I’m not sure of the distribution of Holy Communion either?

Just because a document from Rome isn’t followed doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be. Why take the time to make fun of those who try to be obedient to the liturgical law of the Church, and those who try to find out what the liturgical law of the Church is?

Personally, I seek to celebrate the liturgy as the Church calls us to. I do not have an official post in my parish; I don’t have any liturgical say at my parish. I do address certain abuses when I see them (such as failure of the many priests at Holy Thursday Mass to actually distribute Communion). I seek to be at the service of the liturgy so that the liturgy may serve the People of God according to the mind of the Church.

I could be mistaken, but I seem to recall that in the “old days” (i.e. pre-conciliar) in the Latin Church, funerals were not to be done on Good Friday at all, but could be done on Holy Saturday. That is consistent with the practice in the Syriac Churches, although a “wake” (well, at least the equivalent) may be done on Holy (Good) Friday if necessary.

Perhaps someone will be interested in this: in the Syriac Churches the custom for a funeral is that the bells toll (not chime – there is a huge difference). The same is often done on Holy (Good) Friday. Of course that custom is second nature to me, and I think that it has a deep and great meaning. At the same time, though, I am not suggesting that it would be proper to toll the bells on Good Friday in the Latin Church.

First of all I would like to know why your priest would even schedule a funeral for Good Friday in the first place. Priests should refrain from doing that.

Seconldy Mass is not to be celebrated, nor bells rung.

I wonder about that too. My dear friend died unexpectedly Monday. Her funeral will not be until Tuesday.

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