"Bella" / Hip Hop / Life on the Rock

Any hip hop fans catch Life on the Rock last night? When they played the Bella trailer the first song was an Atmosphere song.

I’m not a big hip hop fan but I do like Atmosphere. I thought it was neat, just wondering if any body else here is a fan and caught that?

God bless

I have trouble distinguishing the genre from the image portrayed by the content of it’s more popular outlets.

The sound doesn’t appeal to me anyway. I’ll admit that I keep myself ignorant to it.

I’m going to see the movie a week from tomorrow with some girlfriends - can’t wait!!!


That’s kinda why I do like him. He’s not exactly popular, and his sound is different than what you’ll find in the mainstream. I guess it was just weird for me hearing it on EWTN since I’ve never really even heard him played on a secular music station.

I wanted to see the movie to begin with, but the choice of music for the trailer now has me counting down the days!!!

The reviews on the movie at IMDB say that the soundtrack of the movie is excellent.

I thought the music to the trailer was genius!!! (did I spell that right?) :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree, and you spelled genius slightly better than I would have spelled it.

If anyone wants to check out the song it’s called “the woman with the tattoed hands.” It is mildly graphic in that it describes a sexual encounter that ended up not coming about. Not as graphic as most “Dateline” episodes though. But as I listened to it a few seconds ago I realized how relevant it is to the film. At a close listen it has something very interesting to say about spiritual warfare, and how the womb has turned into a battle ground for Our Blessed Lord vs. the enemy.

I can’t stand hip hop.

But I will be seeing the movie the first night it comes out! :thumbsup:

There was something about the music for the film. Seems as if
the artists volunteered to do it or something. I can’t remember
where I heard that since I’ve heard so many of the interviews of
the three, Eduardo, Leo and Alejandro.
But I did love the music.
Now the reason I am posting on all the threads about "Bella"
This weekend Nov.16-18 it is “do or die” for the film to con-
tinue being shown. High box office scores are a must
If you haven’t seen it, please go and take someone with you.
If you have seen it, go again and take someone with you.
And tell everyone you know also. Thanks.

I love the song in the trailer. I wonder if iTunes carries it?

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