Bella, how did it do?

I have found the info on how Bella did this weekend. Did they meet the numbers enough for the movie to open in wide release across the nation? Did it do as well or better than expected?

Not sure what was expected, but here is the box office info:
Weekend gross: $1,324,000

of Theaters = 165

#2 on gross/theater which was something like $8000/theater which was 2nd only to Saw which had like $10000/theater.

More importantly, it had the second best per-theater average for films with a weekend gross of $1 million or more. Only Saw IV had a better average.

Does this mean that it will go nationwide/wide release? Where did you get your figures (how it did in comparison per theatre to Saw)? thanks

I think that may depend on how it does over the next couple of weeks. Theaters will want to see if it has legs.

This is the information about the movie sent to me and others by the BELLA TEAM at Myspace.

**Dear friends,

Great news on BELLA’s opening weekend! Here’s a quick overview:

  • BELLA grossed an amazing $1.3 million despite a very limited release of just 165 screens (compared to 3,000 screens for most Hollywood blockbusters).

  • BELLA finished in the top 20 films for total gross despite having the fewest number of screens of all our competitors.

  • BELLA’s per screen average for the weekend was more than $8000, the second highest for all films this weekend. This is a strong incentive for theater owners to give BELLA additional screens and show times.

  • BELLA had the highest per screen average in America on Sunday, suggesting strong word-of-mouth momentum from the previous two days. While most films saw a decline in ticket sales of 30 – 50 % from Saturday to Sunday, BELLA held its ground.

The key to BELLA’s long term success is sustaining momentum this week. Another strong box office performance will prove that BELLA’s surprising success is not a fluke, and that Americans want to see more inspiring and uplifting movies.

Thanks for your continued support,

The Bella Team**


PLNA86, please do not type with all capital letters. It is hard to read, and is widely regarded on the internet as shouting.

Here is the synopsis from the film’s website:

"There comes a time in everyone’s life when something happens which changes them forever and their life will never be the same. If it hasn’t happened to you yet… it will. Bella is a true love story that shows how one day in New York City changed three peoples’ lives forever. Powerful, passionate and always unpredictable, Bella reminds us of the surprises that await us in each new day and that sometimes it takes no more than a moment to transform our lives forever.

You can read more about the three main characters, and watch a trailer of the film:

oh goosh iam sorry i didnt know i was shouting with caps locks on sorry:o :o :o :o is a website that tracks how well movies are doing as far as box office receipts, etc. One aspect of it is that members grade movies, A to F. The movie with the highest grade in 2007 is Bella. This movie seems to have peaked as far as box office receipts, but those who have seen love it.

If you haven’t seen it, please try to. It is a wonderful movie, and as an added bonus, if you don’t blink your eyes, you will see a few of Fr. Groeschel’s Franciscan Friars of the Renewal in the subway scene. The Friars provided housing for a few members of the cast and production crew while they were filming in New York.

Here’s the link:

I haven’t seen the movie but I’d like to…at some point Bella might come out on dvd…I will be sure to buy several copies:thumbsup:

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