Bella Movie DVD, Leads Pre-Sales

…I received an email that encluded this info

I’m going to pre order a couple dvds…you can pre order from amazon ,

Because of your help Bella inspired many people to adopt children that otherwise may not have found a home and parents that love them.

We need your help to increase the impact of this life changing movie now that it is coming out on DVD on May 6th.

Could you please join the Bella 10 Campaign and commit to these 3 easy actions:

  1. Pre-Buy DVD
    Click here to buy the Bella DVD
    You can also buy the DVD in bulk (28 minimum order). Click here to buy in bulk

Note: please browse “Juno” before buying Bella because this could cause Amazon to recommend Bella to all Juno customers.

Probably. I didn’t get to see it but a Pentecostal lady I work with said that she saw it and it was WONDERFUL! I can’t wait to see it and I always like to have good movies around the house so I figure I’ll buy it. I may wait a bit thought because last time I bought an indie film it was $20 and a month later it went down to $10.

We will decide after we have a chance to see it. If it is good, then we may buy a copy. I tend to be picky about movies :slight_smile:

I think I’ll buy s couple copies as I usually share…

kage_ar, I understand what you mean …but this movie should be good but it might be best to rent it if your not going to see it more than once,

I am going to buy it. I didn’t get to see it when it came to only ONE theatre in the Jacksonville area & it was clear over on the other side of town. When I was finally able to get over there, it was gone:shrug: !

I am buying it, no question at all. I was fortunate enough to
have it in my area and saw it twice. (I rarely go to the movies)
It is a beautiful film with an important message. I heard something
on the radio recently where it was mentioned that I think they
said ten babies have now been saved due to viewing this movie.
I plan on sharing this with as many people I can. I hope they
will sell a huge number of copies, who knows how many more
babies may be saves as a result? :slight_smile:

I just ordered the DVD on Amazon last week. It should be to me the by the day it comes out, May 6th. I saw it twice in theatres but I want to share it with the Newman Club at my college.


Thanks Aimee

I was only able to see this once & would LOVE to buy it. I think we HAVE to promote film makers that make films that are decent & family friendly when they come along. The actor who played the main character (Eduardo Verastuega sp?) has partnered with the director & producer to only make moral films. I think they said something like they wanted to make sure they would feel comfortable watching their films in the same room with Jesus, or something like that. Thank God for their company, The 3 Amigos!

Do you know if any Catholic websites are selling the dvd?

I’ll rent it first from Blockbuster (I have Total Access Subscription to get DVDs by Mail). If I like it, I would purchase it.

I usually don’t impulsively buy movies I didn’t get to see in the theatre (Theresé is one exception since that’s my parish’s patron Saint).

I saw this movie when it was at the theater and I cannot recommend it more highly!!!

A great movie!


Its on the top of my Netflix que.


Oh, I wanted to watch this interview , but I wasn’t home this morning. How lucky you are to have been there & met such an amazing person. I love this film, & I thank God for the men who made it. I think God is working through them as they deal with people, have interviews & make future projects. Thanks for the link!

Do you know if any Catholic websites will be selling the DVD? I was wondering if a Catholic organization or pro-life group would benefit financially from selling the DVD? I don’t know how it works, but if a Catholic group were to sell it, I would rather buy my copies from them…

:smiley: Hollywood, CA – Readers of had the opportunity to purchase a DVD copy of the heartwarming movie Bella weeks ago, and now the general public can purchase the film. Already, the pro-life themed movie is the most popular pre-sell DVD in its category at has been covering the progress of Bella since June 2006 when we received a private advanced screening of the unfinished, pre-edited movie.

Full story at

To purchase a DVD copy of the movie, vist

I bought two copies at but I’m sure some Catholic websites are selling Bella also…

The more copies of the movie that are bought will help the producers of this fine movie…

I bought two copies …

tell me does the girl die in the end…I must know before I watch it:blush:

Can this be purchased a store somewhere? I have this (amittedly silly) little problem, because I am too impatient to wait for anything purchased online, I never aquire it. Patience has never been a quality of mine. :rolleyes:

You can buy it at Wal Mart :slight_smile:

I’ve purchased copies and will give extra as gifts…

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