Bella Movie DVD, Leads Pre-Sales

I bought it too! We are going to watch it together on Sunday.

Saw it at the theater and loved it. A great movie. Just got it from Netflix for my wife.

I watched tbe movie last evening. Over all I thought it was boring.

The best part was the last 3 minutes.

I think it was over rated in this forum and was disappointed with it.

Rent it, don’t waste your money buying it, is my advice.


:hmmm: :shrug:

Just watched Bella last night. I must say there was not one swear word in the entire movie nor any form of sexuality displayed. I haven’t seen a movie like that since…gosh…I don’t know how long. It was a tender-hearted movie; a movie about sacrifice. I’d like to be able to say that I could be like the leading man!:wink:

Really boring, no murder, sex, foul language, espionage. Just a portrayal of a decent hardworking normal family that prays at mealtimes and a guy who did a noble thing.

Sorry my opinion upsets you all.

From an artistic perspective, the story was bland. The relationships, although there was an attempt to get deeper into them, merely scratched the surface.

The acting was good, but nothing exceptional.

Again, this is my opinion, I can respect others who see it differently.


:stuck_out_tongue: :eek:

I loved the movie and bought one for another friend. I thought the acting was great and Eduardo and Tammy were amazing.

This movie has 15 confirmed babies saved from abortion. Mothers saw this film and were deeply inspired. Others have adopted as well. I am definitely on the other side of the fence and love the movie.

From my perspective, listening to Alejandro on the commentary made me realize one thing: the man is artistic and poetic in film; which I thought was not possible!!

I have yet to find a film I loved as much as Bella. But then again, that’s just my opinion as well. :thumbsup:

as for your spoiler:

The little girl is accidently run over by Eduardo on his way to sign a soccer deal. It doesn’t happen at the end though.

My local Catholic bookstore is selling it for $28.99. I wish they could offer things a bit more cheaply.

walmart is less expensive so is :shrug:

the book is great!

and FYI, Leo and Eduardo are scheduled to appear on CAL on Wednesday.

did you buy the book also? It goes a bit more into it than the movie was able to…

I received an email about the book today and I plan on ordering
it, I have the movie now and plan to get as many people as possible to watch it! :slight_smile:

My local Catholic Bookstore ran out the first day the DVD was available so I bought my four copies at Walmart.
There are lots of flashbacks in the movie so it is not a movie to watch and write you bills at the same time. Sit back, relax …maybe even pop some corn…and be with the characters all the way through. In a way it is like riding the waves each time there is a flashback. You can’t look away for even a second or you may forget what time zone you are in.

Make sure you watch the “behind the scenes” after you see the movie. I lent my movies to some people who forgot to watch that part and I gave the DVD’s back to them so they could see the behind the scenes. That is what makes DVD’s a different experience than watching a movie in the theater.

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