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I am doing a poll in my diocese to determine how many parishes use bells during Mass at the consecration and how many parishes have many hours of adoration each week. I feel that there is a strong correlation between the two. The heightened sensitivity of a parish for the Real Presence of Jesus seems to lead them to have both.

I live in an area where bells are not that common unless the parish has long hours of adoration each week.

Please comment if there is any problem training servers with the bells or if the ringing of the bells is done by the choir.

I don’t know how to do a survey to determine the popularity of bells in different areas of the US.


Where’s the poll?


Also see:


The bell ringing by an alter boy during the Consecration compliments Catholics’ belief in the Real Presence of Jesus Christ in the Holy Eucharist; also, the Roman Church reinforces the doctrine of transsubstantation is through the gestures, posture, and demeanor of the priest offering the Eucharistic Sacrifice. Suggested reading includes the Catechism of the Catholic Church and the venerable Roman Catechism.


Bells at the consecration - always. Even at daily Mass when there are no servers, Father has one of the men in the congregation ring the bell.

Adoration, I had to check “little or no”. We have an adoration holy hour once a week. That’s not much but we are a very small parish and the Church building is in a remote location. Our new pastor instituted this several years ago “for Lent” and kept it going.


My parish never gave up ringing bells for the consecration. At one time we were mocked by others in the Archdiocese for that, being thought of as hopelessly old fashioned.

As far as adoration, the parish never entirely gave up on that, either. Though for many years it seemed limited to one full day in Lent. In the recent years it has expanded to one full day each month. So not a lot, but there is something.


Actually the bells are rung at the epiclesis and the elevation of both species. They are rung not as a reminder that something supernatural is taking place upon the altar, but as a joyous gift to for His Miracle of Miracles.

Also, what is the “venerable Roman Catechism?” I have the Catechism of the Catholic Church, but not the “Roman Catechism.” Thanks.


Hmmm, seems to be a correlation as you say. We have Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration (PEA), we even have a chapel just for this. We also had the bell ringing at the Epiclesis and the elevations (see previous posters points) re-instituted right before we got PEA.

Brenda V.


No bells. We have weekly adoration 9am Friday to 9am Saturday. Also monthly adoration 9am on the 4th to 6:30 am on the 5th [9 am if the 5th is a Saturday, or 8pm - 7:30 am if 4th is a Saturday]


We have bells, but not mych Eucharistic Adoration. It’s pretty pathetic, actually; we are a HUGE parish.

As for training, Brother is always over there keeping the “altar army” in line and making sure that the newbies get a good practice shake before mass so they don’t sound pathetic.

A previous parish re-instituted the bells after one of the priests heard them on a trip (I don’t remember if it was to Rome or Israel), and felt a distinct call to use them again.


We have the Bells and Adoration at my Parish. Great music, too!:harp: I feel so blessed to have them:) .


Yes, we use the bells and we have benediction every week after Thursday adoration. We use the bells and incense at that time.


My former parish not only rang the altar bells (epiclesis and thrice at each elevation) but also tolled the tower bell three times at each elevation. Most parishes in the Pacific Northwest, even many of the “progressive” ones, still use them.


We have bells at the Consecration, and we also have Perpetual Adoration (the latter is in a dedicated chapel).

We have lots of incense, too. :slight_smile:


We have bells at consecration. Men during the daily Mass, kid/teen servers on the Sat/Sun mass.

But our Adoration is only an hour once a week. Small parish though.


At my parish they ring bells for the most part and at one of the parishes in our town they have 24/7 adoration!


We have bells and Eucharistic Adoration every first Friday. We don’t have a Perpetual Adoration chapel at our parish but two other parishes near us, one 10 minutes and the other 15 minutes, do, which is very nice.

One of them I drive past when I pick up my 6 year old son from school, which is a whole other parish because my parish doesn’t have a school. Sometimes we will stop on the way home from school and make a visit to Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament. I highly encourage all parents to take their children to Adoration whenever possible.

I’m in the Archdiocese of Denver and you just can’t believe how many parishes have Perpetual Adoration chapels. Deo gracias! :gopray2:


Bells at the epiclesis and consecration, but no adoration. Small, elderly parish - not the best part of town.


Bells at elevation yes

Adoration: just recently started to have perpetual adoration.

Weekly adoration tuesdays and fridays, followed by benediction, for years.


Beels at every Mass and Eucharistic Adoration every Weds. evening, and also on First Friday and First Saturday.

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