Bells/Jackson Tennessee



Does anyone here live in the Jackson TN area? DH is going to apply for a job in Bells. We’ve never been there. He just wants to get out of south FL. We both want to get away from this house. We’d like to move to South Alabama, but there aren’t any Cobol programming jobs there.

Anyway, is there a Catholic church in Bells? What would be the nearest one?

If you are from there, please tell me more about it.



I don’t think there is one in Bells the only Catholic Church I know of in Jackson is St. Mary’s. here is a link:

Unfortunately in Tennessee there aren’t that many of us. We’re growing though.


I can’t help you, but I’m an hour up the interstate from Jackson. Tennessee is a BEAUTIFUL state. We moved here 2 years ago and we will never leave! Not that many Catholics here, but definitely lots of Christians being here in the Bible belt.


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