Belmont Stakes

Anyone going to watch this years race. A filly, Rags to Riches, is entering the race, she will be the first filly in 8 years. There will also be a movie tonight at 9 on either ABC or ESPN about Ruffian, a filly in the 1970s who won every race she ran except the one she broke her leg on(i looked at Ruffians pedigree, Barbaro is her cousin). There will also be a Barbaro movie, soon on HBO.

I hope and pray that all the horses have a good and safe race.

Rags to Riches just won:D .

I think we should all take this a reminder of the evils of fast women.

Great news. When I hear of a filly doing well, I remember the beautiful Ruffian of some years ago. They have a nice memorial for her at her gravesite.

They showed the memorial before the race, its the only time I’ve seen it. I wish I was alive to see Ruffian run:( .

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