Beloved hippopotamus 'Gustavito' beaten to death at El Salvador zoo


Locals mourned the hippo, who was apparently attacked with metal bars and knives, through social media and by leaving flowers at the national zoo


That’s horrible. Why would someone do such a thing to an animal that lives in a zoo? Obviously it was not a danger to anyone. :frowning:


Sick sadistic people amusing themselves I imagine.


we used to have a small zoo within our city park many years ago. there was no admission. I was young, but I did hear stories of the animals being teased and abused. this would have been in the 1950’s.
thankfully, sometime in the 1960’s they no longer had the animals or the little zoo. people had access to the animals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. there was no gate to restrict access and small fences around the cages.
I despise animal abuse. I am sorry this hippo at the El Salvador zoo was not protected.


Cruel people are limitless in their ability to do terrible things to helpless animals. I get flyers in the mail asking for donations from some shelters. One horse was on the cover of the booklet asking for donations. His eye was hanging out of its socket.

Some guys put a little cat into a cage and poured boiling water on it. The cat died. When the cat was screaming in pain, those men were taking a video of it and mocking it.

I just think the devil is real busy these days, suggesting and influencing things like that.


And before anyone claims that we care more about animals than humans, I would not be at all surprised if Gustavito’s killers have tortured humans in the past.


They might have tried to get some ribs for a barbeque and by some reason they abondoned the carcass…


It does sound like a spontaneous act of violence for no good reason …

… but I wonder if someone was sending the zookeepers, or someone else, a message.


Dear Heaven, such horrible stories on this thread, I just started crying.

As great a sinner as I am, it’s things like this that make me look forward to the Last Judgement.:frowning:


I agree.


Update on the story which now seems as though it may not have been accurately reported The story, while sickening, seemed a bit strange, as Hippos are incredibly tough capable of fighting off attacks by several lions at once.


Thanks for the update. I wish there was some organization that had the authority
to do yearly inspections of zoos around the world. I am glad to hear that this animal
perhaps was not attacked as previously reported, but sad he did not get the medical
help he needed.


So the Zoo ignored that it was sick and then lied about the cause of death. Bet their donations shot up, at least until the real story came out.


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