Ben Bradlee, legendary Washington Post editor, dies at 93


We shall never see his like in our age again. The last of the old-time newsmen. May he rest in peace.


Agreed. Maybe of us who lived through the Watergate and Pentagon Papers era remember this high quality journalism. RIP, Mr. Bradlee.


Pat, thank you very much for the article on Ben Bradlee. He truly transformed The Washington Post, making it quite an influential newspaper. My father started writing for the Style section of The Post in 1972 right before Watergate happened. He stayed over 30 years there. Style is a features section containing music reviews, chess reviews, arts, etc.
I am grateful to Mr. Bradlee for creating that section against opposition. My father spent many joyful years writing for The Post.

RIP, Mr. Bradlee


I liked him. He had the guts to stick by Woodward and Bernstein when all others didn’t. And they got it right. We need more of that today.



Prefer the wash times.


Which is an organ of the Unification Church (whose founder espouses a lot of views at odds with the Roman Catholic Church.)

I prefer the Washington POST.

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