Ben Carson and "immigrants"

I just looked up the definition of the word “immigrant.” I see no restriction of the term solely to those who came to America of their own free will. It’s an unfortunate choice of words and Ben Carson is being vilified for it, by the left. The same left that would be giving him a pass, by the way, if he was one of theirs.

Oh come on. Yes, it is technically true, but that’s grossly misrepresenting the situation. Especially the part about hope for their children to do better. Which really means not getting beat, attacked by dogs, or killed unjustly. All of which have improved greatly but are still unrealized.

If i kidnap someone did they merely relocate to my basement?

As he should! It’s unfortunate that he used the word immigrant. They were slaves. I am sure that they had dreams of returning back home. It is a gross misinterpretation to relate slavery with immigration. It doesn’t need to specify whether or not they came willingly.

So if you were in chains in the hold of a ship, you wouldn’t hope for a better life for you and your children?

True. And he isn’t even given the chance to clarify what he meant. Was he deliberately minimizing the brutality of slavery?:

Of course i would, but how he phrased it completely obfuscates the context. It was not the same as the various Europeans struggling for economic and social wellbeing.

I’ll be interested to hear his clarifications. Certainly far more interested than I am in hearing Samuel L. Pottymouth’s rants. Which reminds me–didn’t he promise to leave the country? Along with Cher, who is also foaming at the mouth?

Isn’t it racist to vilify Ben Carson?

Actually, the first Africans in North America weren’t slaves. They were contracted workers to help tobacco farmers.

Yes… back home from where I’d been forcibly taken.

Another “educated” pick from Trump. Probably the most “educated” cabinet in years. :wink:

But they weren’t much better off than slaves during the period of their contract. As noted by Wikipedia:

An indentured servant (who could be white or black) would work for several years (usually four to seven) without wages. The status of indentured servants in early Virginia and Maryland was similar to slavery. Servants could be bought, sold, or leased and they could be physically beaten for disobedience or running away.

I’m sure this his how the slaves felt about coming to America from their native Africa, according to Carson: “That’s what America is about. A land of dreams and opportunity."


There were a small number of servants that came; however, the vast majority were brought and used for chattel slavery. Speaking of indentured servants, the Africans were often not given their due. Many did not have release dates listed on the ship’s records.


Was he deliberately minimizing the brutality of slavery? And if so, why?

You’re saying a brain surgeon is uneducated? :confused:

He appears to be uneducated about slavery.

A black man?

LOL The left is getting desperate! :eek:

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