Ben Carson says as a pediatric neurosurgeon, he hesitated to send children back to ‘infested’ homes in Baltimore

Thank you for clarifying.

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“Better” is a value judgement that adds nothing to the conversation.
We had been talking about an added dimension of life’s experience that is an inescapable part of being non-white in America. That is not to discount all other experiences and all other dimensions, nor is it to say that there are not differences abut the experiences of people of color. That is so obvious, that I don’t understand why the question even comes up.

It generally strikes me as racist when people are lumped together as “persons of color” who do “X” or are treated as “Y”. It says all non-white people are fungible and their experiences are the same. No differences among them, like grains of sand. They would certainly not think of themselves in that dehumanized way.


I am not sure who speaks that way.
But I do realize that some like to create strawmen.

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