Benedict & the 'extraordinary form'

I am not sure if this is the correct forum to ask this question. so if it isnt i appologize in advance :).

I was wondering. do you think Pope Benedict will celebrate Mass according the 1962 JOHN XXIII missal?.

I think i would be beautiful too see and a major boost for the use of this form :slight_smile:

Thank you for ur replies.


You know, I never thought about it like that until you brought it up.

I personally would find it rather odd for him not to celebrate it.

I wonder if he does so in his private chapel, or in other settings which don’t receive as much publicity as the large gatherings?

That would be wonderful! I hope he will do that. How can we put the idea in his ear?

I understand he does celebrate privately in the EF rather frequently.

But, like you, I’d like to see him celebrate it publicly and solemnly–and for that matter, in all the authorized liturgies, Eastern and Western, of the Church.

I would love to see it, and I also understand that he celebrates the EF in his personal chapel. I think, tho’, that since there are so many parts of the Magisterium who have negative opinions of it, that he may be “biding his time” until he celebrates it publicly.

I hope he celebrates it publicly soon. I think it would have wonderful effects on the faithful and be a massive positive step in the right direction i think.

Thanks for the replies all :). maybe soon the Holy Father will give us an answer :thumbsup:


Could you provide a source for the statement about Benedict xvi using the extraordinary form in his private chapel.

Thank you :thumbsup:

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