Benedict XVI and Spe Salvi


I admire the former Cardinal Ratzinger for a number of reasons. His solid and unapologetic adherence to traditional Catholic theology and values is a tremendous witness to the world.

He is also a brilliant scholar who communicates in a thought provoking manner.

From Spe Salvi:

32. A first essential setting for learning hope is prayer. When no one listens to me any more, God still listens to me. When I can no longer talk to anyone or call upon anyone, I can always talk to God. When there is no longer anyone to help me deal with a need or expectation that goes beyond the human capacity for hope, he can help me[25]. When I have been plunged into complete solitude …; if I pray I am never totally alone.

*Truth and justice must stand above my comfort and physical well-being, or else my life itself becomes a lie. In the end, even the “yes” to love is a source of suffering, because love always requires expropriations of my “I”, in which I allow myself to be pruned and wounded. Love simply cannot exist without this painful renunciation of myself, for otherwise it becomes pure selfishness and thereby ceases to be love. *

*The right state of human affairs, the moral well-being of the world can never be guaranteed simply through structures alone, however good they are. Such structures are not only important, but necessary; yet they cannot and must not marginalize human freedom. Even the best structures function only when the community is animated by convictions capable of motivating people to assent freely to the social order. Freedom requires conviction; conviction does not exist on its own, but must always be gained anew by the community. *

Long life B16!


He is indeed brilliant, I pray for a long life for him too. I am saddened each time I see him sometimes looking a bit haggard.

God Bless


I really thought that encyclical was great :thumbsup:


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