Benedict XVI Books

Hello! I have read the encyclicals and “Introduction To Christianity” by Benedict XVI aka Joseph Ratzinger. I find him to be a first rate theologian. What should I read next? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Definitely the Jesus of Nazareth series. :slight_smile:

Yes, that is what I figured. I’ll order the first book as recommended from websites since it is not available where I live.

Jesus of Nazareth - all three volumes!

And his encyclicals on Love and Hope and the one with Pope Francis on Faith.

An the Spirit of the Liturgy

Ditto Jesus of Nazareth.

Don’t miss The Spirit of the Liturgy. Excellent book.

It’s a bit of a difficult read, but Truth and Tolerance is also something to look at.

His position as Cardinal on the third secret of Fatima was quite the fictional novel.

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