Benedict XVI, Cardinal Sarah pen book on priesthood, celibacy, crisis

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I will add this


I recall a former parish in which I resided where one of the priests was married. This came about because he was previously an Anglican (married) priest and converted to Catholicism.

I’m not sure if there is very much to see here. This book probably doesn’t contain anything that is in conflict with what Pope Francis would like to see. I’m sure Pope Francis is on the same page as his predecessor about priestly celibacy being ideal. But Pope Francis just seems to be open to a greater degree of dialogue within the hierarchy, and more open to a wider degree possible solutions for specific situations. I don’t think that means that Pope Francis necessarily favors those possible solutions.

I’m sure Pope Francis welcomes his predecessors opinion on the matter. Opinions that are expressed respectfully can always be welcomed, as Pope Emeritus Benedict’s opinions have always been expressed since he retired.

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Has The Catholic Church become Divided between

Those who know about the Causes and Extent of All Abuses - including Sexual
which has devastated the view of Catholicism throughout the world.


Those who’ll continue to work on Sweeping it and Benedict - under the rug

Pope Benedict XVI and Cardinal Sarah co-author new book on priestly celibacy, taking a firm stand against the priestly ordination of married men.


It’s listed at Amazon. com with the publication date stated as March 12, but no price is given, it’s not yet available for pre-ordering, and there’s no “Look Inside” feature …

IIRC some of the Eastern Uniate churches also have married priests. There is obviously past precedent in the Catholic Church itself before the rules changed.

Of course the two men who spent their lives in celibacy are going to be strong advocates of it.

However, there are pros and cons to both sides

If I had my druthers, I know some celibate priest who I would gladly replace with married priests

That is a normal thing given what you said about this priest’s road to the priesthood. One thing that should be mentioned, however, is that should his wife precede him in death, he would then join his brother priests in celibacy for the remainder of his life.

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The same rule as for Permanent Deacons, I believe, in general. I think an exception is made if the PD has young children who need a mother, but usually PDs are not in that situation.

Having young children is one of the reasons why they suggested that I wait before applying for the Diaconate

I did and and they were right

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Regardless on what Pope Francis thinks, I think such a book is very timely and certainly much to see.


Why? Because they are celibate? Unless that is the reason you would like them replaced, the argument about replacing them with married priests is non-sensical. Would you not be just as happy replacing them with celibate priests?


I feel Francis and some clergy are opening the floodgates to married Priests to mitigate the damage of potential sex abuse scandals and/or increase priestly vocations which are very low. So this way married deacons can increase those numbers.

Someone said that Priests are already busy enough as is. The responsibilities can be as greater than the average husband since they over look a whole parish and it’s functions. Adding family life would be troublesome. The priest would then be in no position to ideally carrying out two vocations in one! Also to introduce sex into a priests life, what’s stopping them from falling into the temptations of the flesh and infidelity. Priestly celibacy sounds nice on paper but in practice in the Catholic Church as a norm can’t possibly be good


I think Priestly Celibacy is a wonderful Gift provided by God and the church should continue with this tradition.


This is a relevant point. Perhaps the experience of Anglican priests could be examined.

Celibacy is often claimed to be the source of this risk; though more likely it is the character of the individual that is the real risk.

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If they were asked, the vast majority would say the general law should be maintained.

What is the law to which you refer?

Celibacy has nothing to do with Child Abuse. In society we are all obsessed with sex and how its impossible to live without it and you cant be happy.

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