Benedict XVI hopes for Olympics that 'respect dignity' (CNA)

Rome, Aug 4, 2008 / 10:34 am (CNA).- After delivering his traditional Angelus address to thousands of the faithful on Sunday, Pope Benedict XVI told the crowd that he hopes the Beijing Olympics will provide a good example of coexistence, while respecting human dignity.

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I think it’s a money making and face saving scheme for China. This part of Asia is into superficials.

I hear if the terrorists bomb the place the government will lose face and then control.  Well, I don't want the place bombed, but I'd like to see viruses shut down all computers except ones controlling the nukes and other necessities--just enough to fatally cripple their government.  At least, I'd like to see the Chinese government humiliated by something that would anger the world.  They don't deserve to host the games of superficial peace the way they've been trying to poison our food and send viruses to other nations' government computers.  Since they've got it, I think it's time for them to get their come-uppins in a way that would close Mao's legacy.
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