Benedict XVI to concelebrate at canonization mass [CNA]

Vatican City, Apr 26, 2014 / 06:09 am (CNA).- The Holy See’s press office has announced that retired pontiff Benedict XVI will be a concelebrant at Sunday’s mass and canonizations of John Paul II and John XXIII.

“Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI has accepted the invitation of Pope Francis to attend the canonization. He will concelebrate the mass, but not at the altar,” announced Vatican spokesman Fr. Federico Lombardi at a press conference on April 26.

The head of the Holy See’s press office went on to explain that due to his advanced age, the retired pontiff will be seated with the other cardinals under a special tent in case of inclement weather, rather than directly at the altar with Pope Francis.

The elderly former Pope resigned the papacy in February 2013 due to his age and deteriorating strength. He resides in a monastic setting behind St. Peter’s Basilica.

Sunday’s mass of canonization will be held in St. Peter’s square. Fr. Lombardi announced today that St. Peter’s basilica will be open after the mass until about 10 p.m.

Pilgrims will have the opportunity to visit the relics of the two saints in the basilica, and will see that the title written on altar where John Paul II is buried has been changed from “Blessed John Paul II” to “Saint John Paul II” in Latin.

During the mass, the reliquary of John XXIII will be carried by four of his nieces and nephews, while those carrying that of John Paul II include Floribeth Mora, a Costa Rican woman who was healed from a brain aneurysm through the intercession of the late Pope.

French Sister Marie Simon-Pierre, whose healing from Parkinson’s was acknowledged as miracle in the cause for John Paul II’s beatification, will read the prayers of intercession during the liturgy.

On Monday morning, Cardinal Angelo Comastri, who is in charge of St. Peter’s Basilica, will celebrate a mass of thanksgiving particularly for the sainthood of John Paul II. The mass is especially for Polish pilgrims, and the choir of Krakow will sing.

Another mass of thanksgiving, for John XXIII, will be held Monday at the church of San Carlo in central Rome. Pilgrims from Bergamo, Italy, the late Pontiff’s home town, will be in attendance.

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I have never watched a canonization before. This is going to be so interesting!

Father Charles (a minor friar blog) notes that it will be the first time ever that 2 popes will be canonized at a Mass concelebrated by 2 popes. :cool:

This news is awesome. What a unique, historic event!

How wonderful. :slight_smile: I love how our Holy Father Pope Francis makes sure that Papa Benedict is invited and welcomed.:thumbsup:

I remember the canonisation of St John Henry Newman in England in 2010. It was awesome.

Very cool.

Has anyone been able to log on to the Vatican webcam and get a sneak peek at the tomb? I can’t get any of the cameras to load up for me. :frowning:

Are u talking about the webcams on this site: ~ it seems like all 6 of them work for me. Although, they appear to be just snapshots (.jpg files), though, and not actual live footage. :confused:

Since it will be in the wee hours of the morning here, I’m very grateful EWTN will be rerunning it later on tomorrow.

It is reported that Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI has stated “I knew that John Paul II was a Saint before he died.” Having labored so long in the vineyard with John Paul II, Sunday must be a very, very special day for him. Also, how wonderful it is that so many of the doubts and fears about having a pope resign and its implications have been dispelled.

I can only go by the “public face” of the relationship between Pope Francis and Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI. How could we have hoped for any better?! What a joyful, joyful time in the life of the Church! Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia!

Exactly…the date/time stamp doesn’t change and I don’t see people there like I used to. It’s been like that for a while now.


Ah, I see, but the snapshots are definitely different from when I checked them a few hours or so ago. So maybe they only update it every hour or so? :shrug: I don’t know.


I have a time stamp for Bl. JP II’s tomb @ 00:15:29, and another one 10 minutes later at 00:25:29. So maybe around every 10 minutes or so they update the pic, at least for Bl. JP II’s tomb? :shrug:

Edit 2:

I now have a 3rd time stamp @ 00:31:29.

Me, too…and it’s strangely black. The only image I could load up for weeks was dated 05.12.2013. Thanks!

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