Benedictine Matins readings?

I know it’s not liturgical, but I have this book published by Clear Creek that has all of Matins for ferial days except for the readings, is there any way to find a copy of the readings or what would be a better alternative? God bless!

Well Clear Creek Matins is liturgical, but it’s in the pre-Vatican II format. I have no idea what lectionary you can use for that, I would expect it would be pretty hard to find one.

If you want Benedictine Matins post-Vatican II, I suggest “Psalterium Monasticum” for the psalms, available from the Solesmes book store at (or Psautier Monastique which is Latin-French). It’s exactly the same psalter schema as the Clear Creek breviary, but the psalms will be the neo-Vulgate translation rather than the Vulgate. The calendar won’t be the same though.

The good news is that if you use the Post-Vatican II version of Benedictine Matins, the readings for the Office of Readings in LOTH is perfectly licit to use. Alternately the references in LOTH for a 2-year cycle can be used to pull the readings from an approved Bible translation, and for the patristic readings you can go with what’s in LOTH or try to find monastic sources.

Might these links be of help?

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