Benedictine Option communities in US


Are there any of these here in the US?


Not familiar with the term "Benedictine Option community. Please define. I know of several Benedictine communities in the U.S. Many have a Benedictine Oblate community which is the Benedictine term that is essentially the same as Third Order of Franciscans, Dominicans, etc. The largest (and first) Benedictine monastery in the U.S. is a few miles from my home; St. Vincent in Latrobe, PA.


I always thought the Benedictine Option was, at least in its current state, more of an idea of what to do if society continued getting worse, not anything people were currently living out.


I think there is one in Atchison, Kansas. :blush:


Clear Creek in Oklahoma. Land is cheap. Because it’s so rocky. “That’s why we gave it to the Indians” as my grandfather always said. (Before anyone gets offended; I’m Indian.)


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