Benedictine ring?

Sorry I posted this here I was not sure where to ask. So I want to make up a St Benedict medal signet ring but have a few questions. Firstly doing some research it says that there are numerous ways the medal is used, despite this I have found nothing that permits the usage of the medal in the form of the ring. Secondly being a signet ring I can only choose 1 side of the St Benedict medal and am not sure which side to choose, does one side have more importance then another? Furthermore will only having one side of the medal shown on the ring affect its ability to be blessed by a priest or possibly make the work only half as effective. I know I’m overthinking but if you can answer these questions for me it will put my mind at rest thanks.

I don’t think there are any such regulations or restrictions anywhere on what you’re talking about. I’ve seen rings before that were of a design like this, one on the finger of a retired Benedictine Abbot. Choose whichever side you like (I think that Abbot’s ring had the reverse, with the cross and letters). And you can have it blessed for sure, I don’t see why not.


You are probably referring to the “Jubilee” medal of Saint Benedict with his image on one side and cross and letters on the other side. There is a special exorcism and blessing associated with this medal. For more about this medal go here:

Although most people wear it on a chain around the neck, it can also be kept on your person, For example, in a pocket or attached to a rosary you carry with you. If you are wearing it on a chain, it does not matter which side faces up… If the signet ring has only one side of the medal, then it is no longer the “Jubilee” medal and may not receive the special blessing. Note though that any other Saint Benedict medal may be blessed in the usual way other medals are blessed

Yes I was talking about the jubilee medal so because I can only have one side on a ring I can’t have is specially blessed and get the special exorcism? Now I’m confused because 1 poster says he doesn’t see why not. Can anyone give me a definitive answer thanks.

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