Benefactors for college


Does anyone know of benefactors that might help in tuition for Christendom? I lovely Catholic girl I know has gone through everything, and was ready to go, only to find out someone made a mistake in tallying the $$ and they are short $5000.00. This is a good and holy family who do NOTHING frivolous and have worked super hard for their children (lots of them:-)
Anyway, I’m wondering if there is a source of $$ to get this last piece of the financial puzzle in place for them. They cannot squeeze another nickel out of their budget.


What about loans?


Well, as one who didn’t finish college, much less apply for loans for the few years I did go, I have to ask what the loan app. is based on?
There is NO collateral, in fact the family is almost in financial ruin. She’ll be doing work study, but no other means to pay back the loan until she’s done. I don’t know if she’s got family that would co-sign, although I’ve got a call in to my husband to see if we can do something. We’ve got our own large family we’re saving for, though.
Just wondering if Catholic organizations might have some app. process and scholarship program.:shrug:


The US Education loans are usually need-based… you have 10 years to pay them back at a fairly low interest rate.
My parents didn’t save much for our college - yet all 4 of us kids have gone through (youngest is starting her senior year). We ALL took out loans and got scholarships as best we could. I’m still paying my loan - and will be for a few more years! Such is life in a big family! :o


As I’ve looked around I think most student loans are federally funded, which, I believe, Christendom will not accept. Federal monies have strings attached, I guess. I don’t think Christendom is a federally accredited college (too Catholic, I suspect).
That brings me to Catholic loans or benefactors. I’m still trying to reach dh!


Ah yes - the website says they don’t accept the FAFSA loans…
But it looks like they have their own loan program!

Good luck helping them find assistance!


Call the Diocese she lives in, and also contact her local Knights.

To be honest, it is likely too late for this year, most of those awards were given out in the spring. She may be able to get something going for next year.

She can work 34 hours a week at a $7 per hour job and save 5K in 6 months.


I don’t know a single soul who got through college without loans. (Maybe I need to widen my circle of friends a bit.)

How do other students at Christendom fund their educations?


Nobody does it anymore without loans, I don’t think it’s really possible. Now I do hope the girl finds a benefactor, but if it’s any consolation, you really can go to one of those “heathen” schools and get good catholic friends. I don’t know if she was accepted to other schools or if it is too late, but I’ve known people who went to completely secular schools who made amazing Catholic friends, myself included. I realize the main draw for a LOT of girls to Xtendom, (and I know because I was a young and stupid girl when I was 18) is the potential for a MRS. degree, but if nobody pulls through for her, she need not despair, because as stated above, there are lovely Catholic men elsewhere. Thanks for reading!


Christendom College is not accredited??? If this were true, it should have been publicized much better than it has, because of the serious consequences associated with going to a non-accredited school (no prospects for graduate education!) Even Franciscan University is accredited.

…ok, I just checked their website, and it definitely is accredited:

False alarm…

The only Catholic college that I know that’s had potential accreditation problems is Ave Maria, which has been enough to turn many people away from that school.


We put two girls through college, plus me through four graduate degrees, all without loans or any financial aid…and we are not rich by any stretch of the imagination…5 of us live in a 1000 square ft house with one bathroom…My hubby was a cop and I work for the Church. You can’t wait until the kids are ready for college to start thinking about how to pay for it. Start saving from the moment they are born…

I know this won’t help your friend but it might encourage others to start saving.


Statistics that I’ve seen indicate that about 1/3 of college students do not take out student loans before graduation, while 2/3 of students do.


I have a morgage worth of debt, but most of this is federal or state loans. However, financial institutions, like wells fargo, will give private student loans, which I don’t think you need to fill out the fafsa for. And its not too late as long as you pass the credit check. (you might have to fill out the fafsa just to determine eligability, but I am not sure.)


When my daughters were in high school, they went through many books in the university
library listing loans and grants and scholarships available (most just for the asking). My
oldest dh found many due to her working on her school’s newspaper and her photography
skills. She accumulated enough to help her pay her first year and then she did a number
of jobs at the college plus loans to finish. We were not able to help her very much due to
circumstances at the time.
I would definitely have her check with the college for any suggestions. I will pray for her
as well. While I wouldn’t support just any “Catholic” college these days, Christendon,
Magdalen and Franciscan University are among those that are worth it.


Now I know of some! That’s great you were able to save enough.

It’s true that the earlier you save the better.

If you don’t have the funds, though, I don’t see being able to do it without the loans.


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