"Benefit Standards" in the Health Care Bill

So I’ve done some cursory reading on this thing… Here’s a link to the actual PDF of the bill.

It says in section 224(b)1 (page 118):*(b) ADOPTION OF STANDARDS.—
(1) INITIAL STANDARDS.—Not later than 18 months after the date of the enactment of this Act, the Secretary shall, through the rulemaking process consistent with subsection (a), adopt an initial set of benefit standards.
(2) PERIODIC UPDATING STANDARDS.—Under subsection (a), the Secretary shall provide for the periodic updating of the benefit standards previously adopted under this section.*Incidentally, point (3) right after that says that any changes have to keep whatever original requirements were proposed in sect. 222, which to me suggests that changes can only be in the form of expansion.

Some commentaries have interpreted this that the gov’t can change the requirements of a plan after the fact, so we really cannot know what kinds of plans will be mandated for everyone to have. I’m not an expert and this thing is ultra-legalese.

Is this the correct reading of that text?

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