Benefits of SSPX's 2-Tiered Priesthood?

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Has anybody stopped to think of the positive-already-in-place benefits to Traditional Catholics of the SSPX’s so-called Two-tiered Priesthood?

Consider this:

Outside of Brazil, most actual SSPX priests are actually that: ordained by the Archbishop himself, or by any one of his 4 appointed bishop-successors.

These make-up Level One.

Over the past twenty-odd years or so, Level Two has been formed by priests drawn from three-broad categories of men ordained originally by other bishops:

a) Former secular clergy, nowadays younger then before, who have run afoul of diocesan authority.

b) Religious order priests who have done likewise.

c) Retired military chaplains, who are former priests from the Military Vicariate with an independent streak or two and of independent financial resources. These priests oftentimes are very solid citizens and a pleasure to know and work with.

Second-tier priests sometimes (albeit not always) are treated as “independent contractors.”

The SSPX is not adverse to letting them – eventually, like maybe after a year or so – taking up a permanent post as an independent contractor with a former SSPX-afilliated group.:wink:

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What is the benefit to the 2nd class of priest? From your post it is mostly people that can not follow the rules. This is the problem that many traditionist have with the NO Mass, rules are not followed.


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I’ll try to explain.

Let’s say that at either end of an 18-year stretch of time, from 1984 to 2002, there were two(2) priests.

Number one was a religious order priest.
Number two was a diocesan priest.

In the course of lesiurely conversation with both priests one common denominator stood out: the straw that broke the camel’s back in both cases was the priest being ordered to undergo psychiatric testing because in both cases the individual priest had the audacity to question his superiors’s personal notions of what constituted the “best” rubrics for the Mass, among other issues.

Frankly, for me, at least, it was hard not to be impressed by the simplicity and integrity of these two(2) priests at least.

In the course of time, I’m pretty sure, both got a permanent post with solid Traditional Catholic groups.

I believe the second one even got a group headed up by a classical DRE.:smiley:

Which (heh, heh!) just might have expedited his release (so to speak) from the SSPX.:wink:

Hope this helps, Cincy, and thanks again for your input.


Much of the tradtionalist movement is, indeed, based on bending and stretching the laws – or sometimes just breaking them.

I didn’t understand Aurelio’s post really (not sure what you’re saying), but there’s an interesting point about “independent contractors” who are out there. They’re really not different than the SSPX itself, since that’s a fraternity of priests acting independently. They have their own bishops, but they have an independent structure. There are some priests who are independent and join the SSPX. Others work with the SSPX without ever joining them.

My point is that it’s a confusing situation very often – for priests and laity. I don’t think we can blame every priest for being in that situation. But I would think, after a while, they would make their way to the FSSP or another authorized group. I find it hard to defend why that doesn’t happen.

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I’ll admit it: I think you’ve found the words I’ve been groping(sp?) for: Yes, why not go ahead and join the FSSP?

Man! I hate being caught asleep at the wheel, and after all these years.

Say, does anybody question what ReggieM’s saying?

If so, I hereby challenge you to go back at least 12 years in the --I THINK! – Latin Mass Magazine.

As you work your way forward you’ll be sure to see what ReggieM saw – and Aurelio obviously didn’t, but sure does now, it’s so obvious – which is the simplest solution for us all.

Man, ReggieM, I’ve even known priests working their way home to Rome in this way.

It’s one way that not only works, but by now has a proven track record of success.

Thanks, ReggieM. You just won a case of pre-chilled Foster’s Lager, due on demand at Johnny Johnson’s Beach Comber in Old Singapore, although I’m not sure if Old Aussie Johnny is still on this particular astral plane.:smiley: .

Thanks, amigo!


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