Benefits of the Eucharist

Including receiving the body & blood of Christ, can you give me other benefits for attending a Mass?

To hear the homily and try to apply the message to my life

we are commanded by Christ Himself to worship in this way. He gave us the Mass, and the Eucharist, which are inseparable.

The Lord God, who is of infinite capacity, will return tremendous amounts of love, blessings and graces for the love you reveal to him through your faithful attendance at mass. Aside from the spiritual food and drink you receive, you will develop a network of Christian brothers and sisters, and will be aware of those who are in need of prayer. You can also investigate the possibility of assisting at mass by serving as an extraordinary minister, lector, usher, Altar server or wherever otherwise needed. The Body of Christ (us) needs you!

Christ’s peace be always with you.

Our earthly mass is a participation in the worship of God and the Lamb that is constantly being made in heaven by the angels and saints (see the book of Revelation). We are also thereby connected in a special way to the worship of the entire Church throughout the ages.

The Eucharist is the source and summit of our faith.
But by participation in the mass with a congregation keeps us linked to our faith.

Imagine being a coal…how long does that coal burn if you are separated from the source of the fire. But if all the coals are touching one another, as in a mass…that coal begins to glow and warm and light the others around it. And the source is the Eucharist. It keeps us alive as Catholics…

More reasons to pray! Plus through the intercessions, we bring others into our prayer…and what better way is there to join with the communion of saints and angels in heaven, our prayer partners.

When you are present at Mass, you are really and truly present at Calvary as Jesus offers Himself to the Father as the perfect satisfaction for the sins of mankind. As you join your heart to that of the priest who acts in the person of Christ, you, too, become an offerer of this sacrifice. You are present and participating in the most important thing that ever happened since the beginning of time. All this, whether you receive Holy Communion or not!


Laudatur Iesus Christus.

The need for the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is pressing. Its purpose is the salvation of the world.

When we come to Mass we bring our lives, our selves, our suffering, our joy, all of the work that we have done for the Kingdom. We offer these to Christ in prayer and in the form of the bread and wine – gifts of God and works of human hands. Jesus through His priest accepts these gifts and changes them into His one perfect sacrifice.

He then allows us to join with Him and all of the Saints in offering His perfect sacrifice to the Father. Through this means Christ, through His Church, continues to sanctify the world; each week, each hour of creation is offered to the Father as it is lived here and now. By participating in this “self-donation” of the Son to the Father, we participate in the eternal life of the Holy Trinity.

This is the means by which our lives, our families, our work, and our sufferings are sanctified, given to Christ, and made acceptable to the Father. Without the Mass, our works would be merely human, our offerings to the Father merely ours, our lives would only have meaning within the limited scope of our brief lifetimes.

By bringing the good works done by those outside of the Church and joining them (to the extent the intensions of those who do them allow) to our offerings, we extend the sanctification of Christ to the works done by those imperfectly joined to the Church. It is through this action, on behalf of the entire human family, that others outside the formal communion of the Church may be saved, (if their intentions are sufficiently compatible with the will of Christ to allow it).

By bringing our selves, our works, and our lives to the Mass, our offerings become meaningful in the life of the Most Holy Trinity; we live as sons and daughters of the Living God, continuing Our Father’s work of salvation and fulfilling the purpose of creation: the expression of the love of the Persons of the Blessed Trinity for one another.

Pax Christi tecum.

John Hiner

I have become a better…
*]husband to my wife
*]father to my children
*]brother to my fellow siblings
*]son to my parents
*]friend to my friends
*]co-worker to my co-workers
*]steward of my gifts[/LIST]All of this and more through the recognition that it is God who makes it all possible. Without Him I am nothing. When He is within me, I can move mountains. When I neglect Him I can do nothing. Yet He keeps calling me back to Him. For this I am forever grateful.

Mass is where heaven and earth meet. It’s as close as we can get to heaven during our earthly life.

Very well said. :thumbsup:

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