Benetton Ad Outrage

I appplogise if this has been posted elsewhere.
This morning in the news there was a story on Benettons new ad campain which photoshopped pictures of various world leaders in compromising positions. one of these ads depicted Pope Benedict. The Vatican issued a strong statement insisting they remove this image from their ad campaign immediately.
Benetton as a clothing line hasn’t been revelant since the late 80s so they have recently tried to garner attention by offending the public in the name of extreme leftist propaganda masked as shock art.
I can’t even express how sad I am that this has been done to our Holy Father. My heart is just broken over it. It’s so disrespectful. And it’s not as if we can boycott this company. No one buys their clothing anymore anyway.
So, all this being said, what can be done?


Awful isn’t it?

I did not know benetton still existed. Ugh.

I’ve never heard of them, but now I’m sorry I have.

I really think the best thing to do would be to… not react. Bentetton wants a controversy and I say that we don’t give them one. That would be the only way to ensure that their ad campaign is an unqualified failure.

The offending adverts have now been withdrawn, although the Vatican is still seeking legal redress against Benetton.

Even my friend who is an atheist said he felt it was outrageous and offensive! Oh, and their clothes are overpriced tat anyway.

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