Benjamin Netanyahu and Queen Esther


Not sure where this belongs, but it does involve Scripture.

A rabbi compares Netanyahu’s address to Congress to Queen Esther’s plea to her husband - both re an Iranian’s intent to annihilate the Jews.


Bibi’s Breach of Protocol Echoes of Queen Esther who broke protocol in the face of an Iranian threat to destroy her people.

Controversy surrounds the Prime Minister of Israel’s forthcoming appearance on Capitol Hill.
Invited by Republican House Speaker John Boehner to address Congress about the threat of Iran’s nuclear ambitions, Benjamin Netanyahu welcomed this opportunity to share his country’s existential concern as the Iranian regime comes ever closer to achieving the capability of fulfilling its avowed goal of the total annihilation of Israel. But the White House has made known its displeasure…

…the administration has made clear its fury at a supposed breach of protocol…

Remarkably, this is not the first time the issue of protocol lies at the heart of an Iranian threat to destroy the Jewish people. There is biblical precedent. Eerily echoing today’s story, the Book of Esther recounts the first recorded instance of attempted genocide against Jews in the ancient empire of Persia, today known as Iran. …

Esther is afraid. If she were to approach her husband to appeal Haman’s decree, she would be breaking royal protocol…



I fail to see the similarities. Queen Ester’s people were defenseless. Israel is a nation with nuclear weapons, one of the fiercest armies on earth.

I’m no fan of Obama, not by a long shot, but Netenyahu should not have accepted the offer without at least speaking to the White House. Benjamin Netanyahu would be just as angry if Barak Obama addressed the Israeli Knesset on matters of foreign policy without coordinating with the executive branch.



I suppose, but Benjamin Netanyahu was a bit annoyed, when senior White House personnel called him a “chicken ******”

I am not sure that this was good protocol either.

He knows the President is not going to listen to him so he is bringing his case to the American people. I for one think it is a bold step and I admire him for it.

I have no idea what the out-come will be.


The Israeli system is a variant of the UK system where the executive is made up of whoever can form a majority in the legislature - in other words, Obama might ignore BN as head of the ‘executive branch’ but couldn’t ignore him as majority leader of the Knesset.


That doesn’t change the fact that the Israeli head of state has offended the head of state of his closest ally.



Well, I’m afraid you’re wrong there because BN isn’t the Israeli head of state (the President of Israel is the Head of State), he’s the Prime Minister [rather like the UK where the head of the Government is the Prime Minister but the Head of State is QEII].

So, had you said:

That doesn’t change the fact that the Israeli Prime MInister has offended the head of state of his closest ally.

You’d have been both correct and technically correct. :wink:





It’s a bit late to complain about Netanyahu breaking protocol toward Obama.

First off, Congress can invite whomever they want, which is what they did. Congress technically runs all matters of peace and war (and particularly the Senate). The Executive Branch is supposed to follow their lead, merely “executing” the will of the people expressed through our Legislative Branch representatives.

Obama constantly bypasses Congress on these matters. And yes, the “imperial presidency” model has been pushed for a long time, but Obama is pushing it the most.

Congress is pushing back a tiny little bit. They are supposed to. It is part of the “checks and balances” built into our Constitution and our system of government.

Second, Obama has insulted most of the heads of state of Europe, Asia, and the Americas. He has insulted our closest historical allies the most, even sending back most of the gifts that the UK has given the White House over the years. He has done a lot of terrible stuff to Poland, which certainly never did anything nasty to him or us.

He explicitly said that one of his goals for his second term was to cut down Israel’s power and influence, and that at a time when we have aggressive things being done by Russia, China, Pakistan, and various Middle Eastern groups. He has not taken that back. Now we have ISIS as well as Al-Qaeda, Iran, etc. So why would he want to focus nastiness on a country not attacking us, and which is our ally?

Third, Queen Esther did have power herself. She was the most powerful person in the land outside of the King and the Prime Minister.

The point was that, instead of pushing her power (which still would have been insufficient to save her people, because the Prime Minister and the King were against them), she abandoned all pride and protocol and begged the King directly, showing vulnerability to him, in a bid to encourage him to show humanity instead of power, and to remember the gratitude he should feel for things the Jews had done in the past to save his butt.

Now, Israel is not perfect. It is not always our friend, per se. But ISIS is always going to be our enemy, and constantly messing with our allies is something that no country can afford to do. Israel has a right to try to talk to Congress directly when invited. It certainly has a right not to inform Obama if Obama’s people have been instructed not to answer Netanyahu’s calls, which apparently did happen. (And btw, that’s an awfully stupid, passive-aggressive way for the officials of a superpower to act toward anyone, even some Lower Slobovian Obscuredom.)

Congress is following its constitutional responsibilities. For once. Kudos to all.

Obama’s actions reflect no credit on his office. Netanyahu’s are the actions of a man of determination and patriotism. I’m sorry that the comparison can’t be more flattering.


I’m no fan of Obama and wasn’t complaining but responding. I just think the visit should have at least been discussed it with the White House first. Saying that Obama disrespected other nations doesn’t make it right.

The whole thread belongs in the news forum or some other forum anyway. If the Rabbi wants to find fulfilled prophecy in Benjamin Netanyahu then he has every right to but Catholics see Mary in Queen Esther, not Bibi.



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