Berchtold's Day (Jan 2)

This is a public holiday in some parts of Switzerland.
I don't think it has Catholic roots, right?

Am I right to assume that it is definitely not a Holy Day of Obligation?

(Not wanting to sound like I only want to go to church on HDoOs. I've been going almost every day. Possibly tomorrow I'll only go to a communion service though, not a mass.)

You are correct. Tomorrow is the Feast of Sts. Basil and Gregory, Bishops and Doctors. Berchtold's Day is a secular holiday from Switzerland.

Daily Mass is a great thing. If you have the opportunity to go to Mass instead of just a Communion Service I would highly recommend it. Communion services are best meant for parishes that do not have a priest available on Sundays.

Edit: You are also correct in regards to tomorrows obligation. Jan 2. is not a HDO in the Church. Today, Jan 1, however is (was).

Thank you so much for replying.

I know Daily Mass is a beautiful thing.

The reason why today I may only go to a communion service is that there is only a communion service tonight (actually that is already for tomorrow, Sunday) in the town where I live, and my aunt is visiting who may go with me but she can't well go to a different town with me like I often do. I think it's good when she comes to church with me so I'll go with her, unless she'd rather go tomorrow morning, then we'll go then. But then too it will only be a communion service in this town here. However, by myself later I can also go to a mass tomorrow.

If it had been a HDoO, I would have gone to a morning mass in the bigger town, but honestly I really felt I needed the sleep today.

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