Bernie Sanders’ 2014 speaking gigs netted less than $2K

The Hill:

Bernie Sanders’ 2014 speaking gigs netted less than $2K

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) netted of $1,867.42 for two paid speeches and a television appearance last year, according to according to financial disclosure reports.

The total reflects a paltry sum compared to the millions of dollars collected over the same period by former secretary of State Hillary Clinton, against whom Sanders is vying for the Democratic presidential nomination.

The highest-valued Sanders appearance, a spot on comedian Bill Maher’s HBO show “Real Time with Bill Maher” in November, was worth only worth $850.

Financial disclosure reports show he gave the money to a charity, a non-profit called Northeast Kingdom Community Action that helps low-income families in Vermont.

Clinton, the Democratic presidential frontrunner, has come under some scrutiny for the large speaking fees for opponents who want to paint her as out of touch.

He obviously doesn’t know how to negotiate in a free market to maximize his earnings – the Clintons certainly do. :smiley:

Should have tried speaking at Goldman Sachs, I hear they pay pretty well.

But Hillary only took what they offered (lol)

Kinda interesting that everyone seemed to offer over $200k per speech though.

It seems the wealthy are the only organiations able to afford to hear a speech from Hillary Clinton.


George W. Bush earns considerable income from speaking engagements, and it is estimated he receives between $100,000 and $150,000 per speech. The Center for Public Integrity estimates that Bush earned around $15 million during the first 15 months after leaving office.

Making money giving speeches (or in other ways) should not disqualify someone from the presidency. If that were so, Donald Trump, Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney, etc. would have no business running of office.

I agree with Bernie that his speaking fees are too low. If you look online for speaking fees for politicians and former politicians, they can range from about $50,000 and $200,000 per event.

See, for example:

He doesn’t have any influence of consequence to sell. The Clintons did, and it’s believed they will in the future.

It is probably a case of supply and demand. Nobody is willing to pay all that much to listen to what Bernie has to say.

Bernie can’t do them favors now, and probably wouldn’t even if he could.

Amusingly, Bill Clinton condemns Bernie Sanders’ backers as “sexists.”:rotfl:

Nobody said it should disqualify her, but it’s odd an ex- Secretary is making twice the price of an ex-President. Everyone knows the price and qty is about buying influence.

CNN: $153 million in Bill and Hillary Clinton speaking fees, documented

They shouldn’t be receiving such fees from those with business that is impacted by their actions in office. The Russian uranium influence-peddling should have disqualified Hillary for office and should be investigated for bribery.

I admire Bernie Sander.

This further demonstrates he is not a slave to $$.

I don’t think its odd. George W is a terrible public speaker and unpopular to boot.

He got a fair price. The Clintons get a lot more, and their repeat business suggests to me that their customers think they got their money’s worth. Maybe the Clinton’s clients were just paying for protection; John Gotti sold the same kind of insurance against different risks.

Hillary has even less charisma with a live audience. Bush was good in person

A bit of humor currently trending.

I expect it’s calculated, a whole bunch of 1$ donations can balance out her big money wall street $ and bring down the average. Surprised she doesn’t have a $27 maximum with this campaign.

#ImNotKiddingMaddi trends as Hillary Clinton sends ‘desperate’ email asking for a dollar after New Hampshire vote

         ** A woman named Maddi shared the email she says she received from Hillary    Clinton online, where the presidential candidate says she is 'not kidding'    and asks for a dollar donation  **

Hillary has been mocked for sending this email

(Link for full treatment …)



CA is a solidly Republican crowd. Are we really going to criticize Hillary for accepting campaign donations? I realize that Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump are making a big deal out of the fact that they don’t take money from Wall St. or other corporate donors, but if we are going to criticize Hillary, it would be hypocritical not to also criticize Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, etc., etc., for the same reason. Perhaps CA is full of closet Bernie Sanders supporters??? Shocker!!

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