Bernie Sanders Campaign Is Disciplined for Breaching Hillary Clinton Data


The Democratic National Committee has told the campaign of Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont that it was suspending its access to its voter database after a software error enabled at least one of his staff members to review Hillary Clinton’s private campaign data.

The decision by the party committee is a major blow to Mr. Sanders’s campaign. The database includes information from voters across the nation and is used by campaigns to set strategy, especially in the early voting states.

The breach occurred after a software problem at the technology company NGP VAN, which gives campaigns access to the voter data. The problem inadvertently made proprietary voter data of Mrs. Clinton’s campaign visible to others, according to party committee officials.

The Sanders campaign said that it had fired a staff member who breached Mrs. Clinton’s data. But according to three people with direct knowledge of the breach, there were four user accounts associated with the Sanders campaign that ran searches while the security of Mrs. Clinton’s data was compromised.

The Washington Post first reported the issue.

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if it was software error, why should anyone be blamed?


As I understand it, because the Sanders staff performed searches on Hillary’s files while the ‘data window’ was open. To me, it sounds like that data didn’t just appear on their screens, but they actively searched for it, at least the way it’s worded here:

But according to three people with direct knowledge of the breach, there were four user accounts associated with the Sanders campaign that ran searches while the security of Mrs. Clinton’s data was compromised.

Perhaps we’ll learn more, as new information becomes available. We’ll see!


Is this anything like emails? They just want to shut him down. However, his biggest threat is that his troops won’t have the patience to go through the caucus process in some States where you have to stay all day. A lot of these teenagers will wander off.

It would be interesting to see a socialist as President. Or we could have a clown! Or an other bought and sold by big money, with dreams of a reigning family dynasty. The options bedazzle the world. Pray for America on its path to Golgotha. Pray for the world that could once rely on a great country.


If Sanders were president, people would get sick of him a lot quicker than they would have with Obama/Biden.

Of course they want to shut him down. He’s the donor class’s worst nightmare because he means what he says, and despite all kinds of nice to nasty platitudes to the contrary, the Democratic Party would be a dead institution without the millions upon millions rolling in to keep their “tent” pasted together with the American dollar.


That’s how I felt at first. But what the DNC is doing is suspending access until Bernie ’ campaign shows why even after they got access from a glitch that they didn’t report it, and to verify his campaign did not use it.

It’s like a software glitch in an ATM…if you withdraw 20 dollars and it gives you 200 without deducting the correct amount given, you know it’s a mistake and should report it…if you know it’s a mistake and spend the money, and attempt similar withdrawals and spend the money, it’s worse.

If the bank saw a potential problem, they would suspend the ATM card. The suspension is not “blame”.

That’s what the DNC is doing, but some media outlets are making it look like Bernie has been accused, or that it has been proven he did something wrong.

That has not been determined or claimed by the DNC yet.


:thumbsup: gotcha! thanks neofight.


If the Sanders campaign didn’t actually save any of the data like they state, how can they prove they destroyed the data? That is metaphysically impossible to prove unless they literally comb through every piece of data the Sanders campaign has. That would probably take longer than the time left before the primary. This looks like dirty pool to me.

The Sanders campaign has been told it will only be granted access to the list when it provides both an explanation for what happened, as well as assurances that Clinton’s data has been destroyed, the Post added.


I’m going to vote for him in the primary regardless.


Bernie is threatening to sue the DNC. He is hopping mad!


Sanders sues Democratic Party


The presidential campaign of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders filed a lawsuit against the Democratic National Committee Friday, arguing that the party had unfairly suspended the campaign’s access to key voter information.

DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz rejected that allegation late Friday, alleging that Sanders staffers had exploited a software error to essentially “steal” data from Clinton’s campaign. Wasserman-Schultz said the party would not allow Sanders access to the critical database again until his campaign agreed to an independent audit of what happened.

Computer logs compiled by NGP-VAN and provided to The Washington Post by the Clinton campaign showed that four Sanders staffers conducted 24 separate searches of Clinton data during a 40-minute window on Wednesday, targeting early voting states and searching for lists of voters most and least likely to support Clinton.
The logs show that in some cases, the staffers saved the search results in new folders created within the system.

Full story at link:

The former data director for Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT)’s presidential campaign said Friday that staffers for the campaign accessed and saved voter information from opponent Hillary Clinton in order to prove to the Democratic National Committee that their voter information system had been breached.

In a phone interview, Josh Uretsky told MSNBC’s Steve Kornacki that the Sanders staffers “wanted to document and understand the scope of the problem so that we could report it accurately.” Uretsky was fired Friday after news of the breach broke.

He said that he and other staffers accused of accessing the confidential information “knew that what we were doing was trackable” and they did not “use it for anything valuable.”

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This is really terrible. It’s even worse than exposing top secret email information to Russians, Chinese and ISIS. :rolleyes:

Wonder how many Saudi oil sheiks and Russian uranium magnates are on the donor list. Of course, knowing who they are wouldn’t do Sanders any good because he probably doesn’t even know how to sell influence.


Although I disagree with Sanders on many issues and wouldn’t vote for him, he himself doesn’t strike me as someone who would steal data from a competing campaign or (as you said) sell influence. Perhaps I’m wrong, but this is my impression of him thus far. My hunch is that this was orchestrated at a lower level by overzealous staffers, not by Sanders himself. Time will tell whether I’m right or wrong. :shrug:

Be that as it may, this seems to be a serious problem for Sanders because without access to the voter lists, he is losing thousands of dollars per day in donations (according to the lawsuit filed by the Sanders campaign).

On the other hand, Sanders could potentially benefit from this if it inspires his supporters to redouble their efforts on his behalf, and if he becomes widely viewed by voters as a ‘martyr’ to the establishment (embodied by the DNC in this case); apparently the ‘martyr’ meme is already emerging among his supporters, along with conspiracy theories involving numerous parties who are in league to ‘take him down.’

It will be interesting to see how this all plays out.


Same here.


I am a fan of Sanders but he really doesn’t, and never has had the traction needed to become the Democratic Candidate.


the debate tonight will be interesting to see if the two candidates show any ill will towards one another or if they hide it.


Even if Bernie wins NH and even as a fan, I do think Hillary will coast after that to the nomination. My sister texted me tonight during the debate and said Hillary will crush DT in a debate. Said she is so much more articulate.


hillary looked tired and agitated tonight.

bernie was angry, agitated, but always a gentleman.


But did you notice how they all agreed any one of them would be superior to any of the Republicans on stage the other night. Not that I would expect anything less. My cousin, who like you, hasn’t made up her mind yet. But she has had positive things to say about Carson, Trump, Hillary, Bernie, and O’Malley. My guess is she leans Carson, Trump and because she voted Republican in the previous 2 general elections for McCain and Romney. But she thought all 3 Democrats came well prepared tonight.


I am not sure if this was the last debate, but they don’t have much time left to sell themselves to the American public. it seemed like O’Malley was out to get both Bernie and Hillary tonight. Hillary didn’t seem to happy about that.

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