Bernie Sanders: Disney is not such a happy place for its workers


Socialist Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has attacked The Walt Disney Company for not treating its workers He criticized Disney for underpaying its workers. He also criticized Disney for sending its jobs overseas. What do you people think of Sanders’ attack on Disney? I think it is very interesting to see a leftist candidate attack a leftist corporation. They should theoretically be getting along very well. They both want to destroy traditional values. I side with Disney against Sanders though. This is because Sanders is further left than Disney. Disney should ally with conservatives against Sanders. They can help make America great again.


Doesn’t it make more sense to actually address Sanders’ criticism as opposed to offering generalizations about “left” and “right”?

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I wish there was more detail to the article – or Sander’s accusations. Which employees are supposedly being underpaid? Greeter? Food prep? Semi or high-skilled?
If I recall correctly Disney was caught improperly importing H-1B workers to replace Americans who were already doing high-end jobs.


Sanders: Typical socialist, demanding that a corporation he couldn’t run spend its money as he directs.

Further, Sanders’ policies – like a higher minimum wage – will only further cause corporations to flee the US.

I side with Disney in this.


Sanders claims that Disney does not treat its workers fairly. Disney treats them well enough. They receive pay that suits their roles and they get to work at a utopia. They should theoretically be happy.


Disney’s a LOT more than theme parks.

That said, there are a lot of employees whose lifelong goal is to work at a Disney theme park. I knew a high-powered lawyer who retired and did exactly that.


Great. Then you should have no trouble providing evidence for the many claims you make here.


Why is there no “None of the above” option for this poll? :slight_smile:

As far as I’m concerned, they can both go and clean Pluto’s kennel. :stuck_out_tongue:


To call both Disney and Sanders creatures of the Left is a tad misleading IMO. Both are fairly left wing on the social/moral sense (same-sex marriage or whatever).

Disney as a commercial entity though is as stridently capitalist as they come (and it’s very successful at that). So it and Sanders are clearly going to be at odds.

Not everyone who agrees in one issue is going to line up on every issue. There are pro-abortion Republicans, for instance, just to pluck another issue from the air. It’s kind of insane to ever expect that. Disney and Sanders want different things: the company to maximise profits; the politician to win support of the population so he can implement what passes for his policy ideas.

Sanders criticism probably carries some weight just from analysing what’s said in the article. He’s attacking its employment practices - specifically, that many of its employees are not paid decently, sufficient that they can afford to live anywhere near their place of employment (living instead in local motels).

Disney doesn’t actually dispute this: it fluffs the issue saying it’s the ‘largest employer in the Anaheim area’. In other words, to its own staff, the company is saying: “be thankful you get a job at all.”

Now to an extent I agree with this philosophy (the thankful bit) - but no employee should be prevented from criticising his/her employer and campaigning for better wages or working conditions.

Disney IS a happy place in some ways - can totally believe the story above about a lawyer quitting to work there. But it doesn’t mean they’re immune from criticism.

Sanders might be someone that you (and 95% of the time, I), disagree with politically, Joseph3, but there is that thing about stopped clocks…not everything that Sanders says is immaterial or wrong just because he’s said it, or because he sees a particular solution to the problem. Disney could pay its staff better, after all…


How does you know that Disney treats them well enough? Or that the salary the workers receive is appropriate.


Difficult to believe, but I have never visited DisneyLand or DisneyWorld. And also do not buy any Disney character Tee-shirts.

So I guess, folks DO have the option of cutting back.

Shocking, I know.


My husband and I are terrible parents. We deprived our children of their right of passage= an overpriced family vacation to DisneyWorld. Shame on us. :rolleyes:

As for Bernie, I want to know what company he does think pays its workers enough? Is it ever enough? Apparently people should all be paid a lot, regardless of their skill set or education.

And yes, this poll needs a choice for “neither.”




Since Sanders is no more going to be POTUS than to serve fried chicken at Disney, who gives a flip?



Maybe he can get a job as Human Resources Consultant at Disney after the election cycle. :stuck_out_tongue:


Or better yet, a fried chicken stand.

What a shame he’s not a colonel!



I think there is a different phenomenon in such places. Nearby Silver Dollar City at Branson has a lot of workers that are seasonal, early spring to Christmas. Their pay is not good, for the most part, but they never seem to have trouble getting workers. I think some people work in those places just because they like being there, especially young workers. It’s a fun place.


As far as salary goes, as long as they earn at least minimum wage and the requirements of the FLSA are met, that’s enough. Disney is a high demand employer. The market sets the salary. An appropriate salary is the amount that Disney needs to pay in order to get a well qualified employee to accept the job.

I do have a concern with Disney’s H1B abuse but that’s something that Sanders should like rather than attack. He’s all for open borders, isn’t he?


As someone who knows a former Disney employee, it is not a fun place to work. She quit. In other news:

But Disney can do what Disney does:



Explain how Disneyland is a leftist organization please.

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