Bernie Sanders Sides with Dictator Maduro, not Venezuelan People

Bernie Sanders Sides with Dictator Maduro, not Venezuelan People
By David Unsworth

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders refuses to deem Maduro a dictator, and will not recognize Juan Guaido as the legitimate leader of Venezuela.

Last updated Feb 25, 2019

Venezuela is on track to shed 6 million people by the end of this year. What other nation in modern history has lost 20% of its population…in a time of peace, no less? Yet, we continue to hear from some elements of the American Left, and from some in the international community, that this is hardly a crisis.

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, a leading contender for the presidency in 2020, has refused to recognize Nicolas Maduro as a dictator, or support the interim presidency of Juan Guaido.

Trump’s foreign policy is not perfect but it’s pretty good compared to before him and these others trying to get in there and especially in light, of some of the criticisms by the radicals in the Democratic party.

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Here is the thing besides Reps and Dems and what may be your own issues.
Which I find among a few of my loved ones as well.
When I defend what I defend from the US, it is because I not only lived there like one more but have been traveling there for decades.
With the good and bad, one has gone through it experiencially, first hand. Not from books, not from the theory( or not only).
As I challenged whoever had misconceptions to go and live , or spend reasonable time in US, just like one more, then the same goes for those for whom a reality under Maduro may sound appealing: go and see.
One can understand young idealism,fighting windmills, and a lot of things. But one takes it with a grain of salt when at the end of the day, it is spoken from a comfy sofa and particularly from : stability, no hyperinflation, the medicine one needs, and food in the fridge. To mention a few.
To some point, I am grateful when people have no idea what it is like to live without stability, with hyperinflation, and the pluses Maduro offers… Corruption aside…
That is why I cannot understand what Mr Sanders approves of from a distance, and not going through it and living it as one more…
Well then, he might have to stand for the people…and live among the people, as we all do.

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