Bernie Sanders vs. Ted Cruz Debate on Obamacare


CNN hosted this debate Tuesday between Senators Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz on the topic of the Affordable Care Act and healthcare reform. The ideologically opposite senators found a few areas of agreement: they both said that lower price drugs should be imported from abroad. Cruz also suggested forcing the FDA to act faster in approving new treatments.

Another point of contention was Cruz’s opposition to socialist “rationing” in a state-controlled environment. Sanders said that the only rationing in America today was done by income: “If you are very rich you can get the best healthcare in the world.”

On the topic of Obamacare, Cruz said that all the Republican reform plans protect people with pre-existing conditions but was unclear if that also applied to everyone to the extent that the Affordable Care Act does.

Video at link


I was really looking forward to watching this debate, but when it came on I could stomach only about five minutes of it. Seeing “Crazy Ol’ Bernie” and “Lying Ted” on a debate stage reminded me too much of the awful campaign we recently endured.

Fixing our healthcare system would be a monumental task, and I very much doubt that Congress is capable of doing it. The Republicans have had years to craft a replacement for Obamacare, but all they’ve done is put on a big show for their base, introducing legislation to repeal it that they knew full well would never succeed. Now, against all odds, the ball is in their court - and they haven’t a clue about what to do with it. A flat-out repeal with no replacement would be political suicide - and they know it. They also know that any replacement that provides decent coverage and access to healthcare is going to cost at least as much as Obamacare. Even Trump, who campaigned on a promise to “repeal and replace Obamacare” on his first day in office is now saying “maybe next year.”

Fixing our healthcare system is going to require political courage and personal fortitude that the empty suits in Congress, sadly, do not possess.


I thought it was thoughtful, substantive debate unlike our presidential Republican debates


That’s because once many Americans get hooked on a government program and don’t have it anymore, well, they want it back.

That kind of thinking will be the downfall of this country. And many will wonder how and why it happened.


It looks like somebody tampered with the questions from audience…


Maybe I gave up too soon. I’ll see if I can find in On Demand. Might be worth another try.


It’s for free on YouTube


Debate transcript:



I’ll be reading it.

I started and CNN allowed Sanders an opening statement.

CNN did NOT allow Cruz an opening statement and when he tried to give one, CNN (Bash) interrupted him!

People on the web are already pointing out that one woman with a “question” had a CNN Email in her hand too! This might not be a CNN “fabricated” predetermined question.

It MIGHT just be suggestions for people attending (and they are supposed to write in their own questions?).

But it at least looks bad for CNN if this is true. If these questions were not from “the people” but from CNN.

Especially with the Donna Brazile fiasco and the apparent “cooking” of the debates against Sanders in favor of Hillary during the Democrat primaries.

I’ll either read the whole debate or watch it.

Someone said it was on Youtube.

Would you mind please linking to it if it is a good technical quality video?

Thanks and God bless.



Video link here.


One of the reasons I opposed the ACA in the first place is the difficulty in getting rid of it

The doctors who retired early are unlikely to come back; the subsidized insurance co-ops that went broke can’t come back; and the talented young people who chose careers other than medicine are doing other things now. That is on top of your main point that people who have become dependent on other people taking on their responsibilities don’t easily give up their habitual dependence.


There is no public option on any of the exchanges that I’m aware of.

Many think that’s the real problem.

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