Berthault, YEC Kolbe Center "adviser" - genius or mistaken?


This post is about an article that I’ve written that refutes Guy Berthault’s grandiose and unwarranted claims to have revolutionised geology:

We’ve had a number of threads on the church’s attitude to evolution that reference the role of Guy Berthault’s experiments in sedimentology. Some of you might be familiar with the Kolbe Center, which is a Catholic ultra-conservative creationist propaganda group (The Kolbe Center is home to some quite bizarre people, including Robert Sungenis who believes that it is necessary for salvation to hold that the earth is the unmoving centre of the universe) . Berthault is an “adviser” to the Kolbe Center, as is Peter Wilders, who is a member of this message board and who believes that accepting evolution is forbidden for Catholics.

Guy Berthault carried out some experiments in sedimentation in the late 1980s and early 1990s. He and his supporters claim that his work undermines the foundations of geology and with it, the argument for an old earth and for evolution. A prime example of these claims comes from Peter Wilders who for some time has been acting as a mouthpiece for Berthault on this and other message boards (and who has also fronted a commercially available anti-evolution video that misrepresents the scientific case lamentably, and in which Berthault features strongly). See, for example this thread:

Anyway, I have recently written and published an article in which I scrutinise Berthault’s claims from a scientific perspective. The article can be found here:

I hope it will provide thoughtful people with a resource that will enable them more readily to refute the silly young earth claims of Berthault and his acolytes.



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