BEST 8 minute Homily I've heard so far about the scandal/mess


If anybody KNOWS & speaks from EXPERIENCE, Father Larry Richards KNOWS because he went through it----he was abused by a Priest when he entered the seminary at 17. He says it WAY better than anybody else I’ve heard say what we need to do.


Good positive God-centred homily. Thanks for sharing.


I would love to meet Father Larry one day. He really is a good and faithful servant of God.


What does he mean when asked if we are in the Last Days? When he says the Church “is pregnant?”
Nobody knows when the end of the world will be.


We are in the “PAINS of this scandal, the uncertainty, the unsureness, the waiting” to see what will happen with all of this.


But he’s not saying the end of the world is near, is he?


Not the way I understood. He’s saying we as a Church are going through some very difficult, rough, messy times but we will come out of them on the better side of it all.


No, he is not saying that the end of the world is near. He didn’t answer his friend’s question “Are we in the Last Times?” with a direct yes or no. His answer, that the Church is pregnant, suggests that good things are coming. There is suffering and pain, but also hope for renewal and abundant new life for the Church. God has a plan, and we should trust in him and be hopeful.


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