Best age to enter religious order

What age ( please be specific ) is best age to enter religious order.

And say why is the age you will put here the best age.

Thank you.

over 18. An individual needs to have a high school education and some work experience. It really depends on the situation. I entered at 19 straight from college. I did not succeed because I probably needed some more life experience. I have known others who succeeded with more experience of life.

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What community you have Been in ?

IMO, the best age would be around 25-30. That way, you’re given a chance to live a regular life for at least a few years, which will help you be sure of your discernment.


Olivetan Benedictine Sisters in Jonesboro, Arkansas.

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What experience of life you mean ?

Experience of people, types of skills, and education for the community that you wish to enter. When I was younger, I thought that I only needed to be sincere in a desire for religious life, but you need to know yourself and to be flexible with what you experience.

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Will you try another order ? ( I think you are older now )

No, I realize that I compare all other religious communities with the one I was in, rather than seeing them as individual communities with different charisms.

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Thats so sad :frowning: . Do you think that you have still Vocation ?

This may help you to discern:


I feel that I may have a vocation as a single person who prays for the world. I have to work my LOTH, meditation, Mass, private prayers, and study to fit in my life. It is not as easy as being religious life as far as ordering my day. Are you planning on entering religious life?

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Yes iam looking forward to carthusians, benedictines, cistercians.


I will pray for you daily that you find the right community. Good night.


Thank you fór your prayers

Take it from someone who thought in high school that they had a calling to religious life— Take your time, pray and discern. I didn’t give it the time, prayer and discernment I should have and it is my greatest regret to this day.


I feel you, but are you over 35-40 yo to try some religious community ?

I do not belong to a religious order, so take my answer with a grain of salt. The best age to enter a religious order is when God calls you. If you don’t listen to God’s will, you may end up in a whale’s belly like Jonah. :slight_smile:

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I don’t really think you can say that there is an ‘ideal age.’
I think of St. Therese who entered at fifteen. I think of our sisters who attended school at our academy, became postulants at Christmas of their senior year, and entered notivitiate 6 months later. They ended living a beautiful, fruitful religious life.
Yes, I know, times have changed, but entering young may not be all bad.
If you live alone, on your own, for a while, you may get accustomed to having things your own way and the transition into community may be more difficult; I don’t know.
I entered when I was 24.
The question is: is God leading you to religious life? Is this the right time?
I felt called about four years before entering, but the time was not right. I was still in college and I didn’t know where I should enter.
Take Care,
Sr. Christina Marie, OSF

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I have to agree with the poster who said the age that God calls.

If you’re male, you’ll have a greater chance of acceptance by the Bens. Cistercians, possibly, esp the Trappists. Carthusians, not likely unless you’re seriously attracted to them to the exclusion of all others.

Another possibility is claustral Oblate for the Bens, Cistercians, and Trappists. Carthusians may offer someone your age a Donate Brother position. You’ll have to do your research, and narrow it down to the one you’re truly attracted to.

Always look locally first, though. What do you have available in your diocese, or those surrounding yours?

An older gentleman on our Safe Harbor Vocation Support group was accepted to Marmion Abbey the day he joined our group. He is now a novice.

Mrs Cloisters OP
Lay Dominican

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