Best Analysis I have seen of the McCarrick Report

This is not short, but its worth everyone’s time:

It is not pleasant, but it gets to the heart of the matter. And that is what is lacking in all other articles and comments I have read about the report.

I would say it goes even beyond de facto atheism.

It is a depravity that they hide from us by hiding behind a caricature of the God we believe in.

As such it is not mere atheism.

It is blasphemy.


The article writer wonders why nobody blew the whistle on McCarrick.

Shouldn’t he be asking himself why he himself did not blow the whistle on McCarrick? It sounds like he had the knowledge to do so, and after he decided not to pursue a career in the clergy, he was definitely in a position to do so.

Sounds like he himself is part of the problem.

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I agree with much of this but not all of it. In particular, he is correct that this will be seen as an opportunity for those on the “left” and the “right” to continue to bash at each other, when it is clear that the problem cuts across all groups and sub-groups in the Church.

As to what appears to be him main point, I am certain there are many “de facto atheists” in the clerical ranks. But I also think there are those who, while believing Catholics, turn a blind eye to this behavior because the either believe there is nothing wrong with it, or because they think it is not so bad. It is certain that many (most?) authorities in the Church treat the abuse of young men and adolescents as a breach of a vow, rather than as a serious crime. I suspect that many also justify this behavior because that is “the way it has always been.”

Unless there is something he’s not mentioning in the article, it doesn’t sound like he had anything to report other than rumors and hearsay. If he would have approached someone in power with nothing but these allegations, he would have been laughed out of the office, not to mentioned probably branded as a troublemaker and his future career prospects as a priest dead as well. The only thing that would have probably stopped McCarrick back then is if someone who was directly abused by him went public with their allegations. Reporting something that “you heard” was obviously going to go nowhere back then if McCarrick could just sweet talk his way out of anything, which he even managed to do with the Pope.

I remember when the McCarrick story first broke a couple of years ago a journalist confirmed that he was working on a story about McCarrick around this same time period (early 2000s) and he said that though he tried to get something solid back then and even tried again periodically over the next several years, no one would go on the record, so he had nothing substantial to report. If someone had, this whole situation might have been exposed a decade or more earlier. If no victims were willing or able to speak out about it, what could be done? Back then the other bishops couldn’t really do anything other than petition Rome, and if JPII was willing to believe McCarrick over them, as it appears happened according to the Vatican report, they were really at a dead end. Reliable and public first hand testimony was really the only way it would have been solved back then so that it could be believed, and more importantly, not swept under the rug.

Perhaps, but it sounds like many did blow the whistle…priests complained, seminarians complained…it didn’t do any good. McCarrick had powerful protectors.

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Not for sure everyone read it through, his point is not just that there are defacto atheists in the clerical ranks, but that this de facto atheism is in many of us, or at least has affected all of us.

Which he seems to be readily admitting

I just read the article, which is utterly heartbreaking. And that there are defacto atheists everywhere is a sadly good point. How many of fail every day to live up to what God wants? How many of us truly devote our lives to God? And why, why not?

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