Best and worst shows for Catholics

What are the worst shows that you think Catholics should avoid or not watch as much

Some shows I try to avoid are

Jersey Shore
Family Guy
South park
The Sopranos

They are only tv shows which have become a major part of culture, the things portrayed in those shows are based on, and actually happen in real life, does that mean that you should not live in the world?

Of course, if they affect you in a negative way, you have all rights not to view them, but as I said they are only shows, you cant ignore them when the same things happen around your life, and even in your neighborhood.

BUT, you should try to not let them bother you. That’s the most I can say. Hope it helped.

i think you are wrong. shows like that and others like 2 and a half men and the 70s show for example thou are funny we should avold them. because most of them are full of temptation and things we shouldn’t be hearing and veiwing. dont forget that most people are going to hell because of sins of the flesh and everywhere you look and most thing on tv are tempting one with these temptations.

Well my 2 cents

GIGO. Garbage in garbage out. What you listen to, hear, and think about is what will come out of you. Yes, watching the wrong shows can indeed affect how you act. We are Catholic all the time, not just when at church. I find that lately there aren’t many shows I do watch. Everything seems to portray parents as horrible role models, and often times ‘ignorant’ and foolish. The children always seem to have to do things because their parents are just blundering idiots who can’t help them. All the television shows seem to be saturated with supernatural phenomena, sexual innuendo, and reduce love to simply sex.

When I do watch anymore, it’s usually food network, EWTN, or something like Modern Marvels or How It’s Made.

There are a lot of things that happen in the world and even in my neighborhood that I have no business watching. My neighbors are likely having sex at some point, being as almost all of them are married (and likely the ones who aren’t are as well in this day and age.) Does that mean I should watch pornography? God forbid.

I don’t get it.

Why not just avoid those shows that are hurtful to us? What’s up with “trying to avoid”? (See OP).

I suppose for some people who are mostly immobile due to an injury or illness, it is possible that television is the major occupation of the day, and so “trying to avoid” may be something that they struggle with.

But for all the rest of us who are able to move about, just flip the channel to something less offensive, or turn it off entirely and go do something else.

I don’t get it either. It’s as though the OP is trying to have his cake and eat it too, as if watching all these endless stupid television shows is somehow a required, important part of his life and he is fooling himself making a show of being choosy about which ones he boycotts because they are offensive.

He needs to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. ***Think about it: *what is the real purpose of television programming in the first place? Be honest.

Why does he even have a television set? I don’t think the OP is housebound.

It seems people here have misunderstood what I meant. As people mentioned, funny tv shows and neighbors having sex are one thing, but that happens in the privacy of peoples homes.

I have lived in places where I witnessed people having sex in the middle of the street, which
I had to walk on every day, and it was happening in front of me. You don’t need to watch
porn or tv shows to be bothered by those kind of situations.

This is what I meant by referring to not living in the real world. I would agree that such shows can always be avoided, but avoiding such things doesn’t eliminate the possibility of them happening in front of our eyes.

Blue Bloods is a very wonderful show with a Catholic presence. About the only series I watch each week. Otherwise it is news or sports or some EWTN.

Except when the Commissioner was having his yearly tryst with a long-time friend and she made some remark about him having to go to confession and he laughed it off.

Really was enjoying SMASH until Julie, Debra Messinger’s character, started an affair with the leading man with whom she had an affair five years previously. So the woman is ready to adopt a child which her son told her he’s been waiting for, she’s in the middle of trying to get a show off the ground, no problems with hubby, and her kid is in the house when she makes the move.

Shows are like any business. A lot of money is invested and they’re not going to cater to any hanky-panky that will jeopardized the backers’ investments. Now the ex leading man is coming back. And he has no concern about his wife finding out and will return? And now the director is chasing the leading lady knowing that his present love interest is a fragile person who has damaged one show already.

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