Best arguments against Islam?

What are the best arguments against Islam? What are the best arguments against the strict monotheism that Islam embraces? Of course, Catholicism also embraces a strict monotheism but we embrace the Trinity even though He is still one God. However, what I am asking is how does one counter the type of anti-Trinitarianism that you find in Islam? What are some other arguments against Islam?

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I looked into this before myself, so let me see if I can rack my brain on this. First, let me recommend the excellent apologetical book called Answering Islam by Norman Geisler. You’ll find a wealth of info in that.

The founding of Islam has a lot of overlap with Mormonism and can be similarly critiqued as sort of a majorly reworked version of the Christianity it tries to supercede, which is basically revealed to one man (J Smith or prophet Muhammed). Muhammed frequently rewrites the biblical stories and gives the world the ‘authentic’ version of the stories of Abraham and Jesus, rather than the corrupted versions of the Jews and Christians. Only problem is that there isn’t one reason for believing that to be true, but there is a ton of manuscript evidence for Jews and Christians both to deny any significant allegation of discrepancies within the books of the Bible as they’re copied and transmitted over time.

There is evidence to suggest that Muhammed’s rejection of trinitarian monotheism came from a terrible misunderstanding of the trinity as God the Father, the virgin Mary, and Jesus their Son. So his rejection of trinitarian theism was based on a serious and profound mistake.

Also, it has been argued that the Koran supports a belief in a Gid that is voluntaristic, meaning that whatever He wills is good, by definition. This view of God leads to all sorts of philosophical and theological conundrums.

And then there’s the fact that Islam spread thru the sword and that most religious terrorists in this world today are Muslim…

Its past and present treatment of women…

Islam’s ideal is basically a Shariah law theocracy which is deeply antithetical to the democratic republics of today…

Islamic countries are very closed cultures, cut off from the outside world and therefore immune to criticism…

How’s all this for starters?

Ooh, that is a lot for starters! Thank you! :thumbsup:

For a very philosophical/logic based argument, read Cur Deus Homo by St. Anselm (I don’t think he specifically intended it to be a resposne to Islam, though I could be wrong, but it is extremely fitting given their theology). Then when you converse with any of your Muslim friends, see if they consent that God is perfectly just, if so, and they mean something simmilar to St. Anselm, then you should be able to connect the dots ;).

The Old Testament says there would be no more prophets AFTER CHRIST. This is the Proof that Islam is w/o validity.

Muslims will typically respond to any scripture quote that although the books we adhere to have some divine inspiration, they were corrupted. You can bet that whatever is not going to be favorable to them will be ‘corrupt’.

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