Best arguments for East Orthodox?


Cradle Roman Catholic here, my family was dispersed after V2. Nevertheless, I grew up Orthodox Catholic. It was a holy, Eastern Orthodox priest who reaffirmed my Catholic faith. He was trying to instruct me in Orthodoxy, I kept saying I know this. I was on the fence a long time. A painful place to be, splinters and all. Denying the Chair of Peter was way above my sheeple paygrade. So I slid over to Eastern Catholicism. We have our own Patriarch to look up to, 'nuf for me.


A closer connection in terms of icons, prayers dedicated to, and iconography with the Early Saints and Holy Church Fathers, Great Martyrs, and the Prophets of the Old Testament. You cannot enter an Orthodox Church (at least in Europe) where you don’t see the icons of all the Apostles, St. John the Baptist, Archangels (at least Gabriel and Michael) in addition to the veneration of Virgin Mary. They are all there present at all liturgies. In addition to this a lot of merits and presence in the calendar of the OT Jewish Saints and prophets. The link with the Church during the time of the Temple is very visible and present.


From what I am reading it sounds like the Catholic Church cannot deny that this was the view of the early church…which confuses me…


I may have mentioned this already but the Ravenna and Chieti Documents are great resources. It’s not a magisterial document but it is a step in the right direction for communion between the two Churches.

Cardinal Ratzinger (Pope Benedict XVI) himself wrote that “Rome must not require more from the East than had been formulated and what was lived in the first millennium."



The Trinity is in the bible; Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, One God in three persons. Other things the Catholic Church teaches are not in the bible, but are taught based on canon law, which has been elevated above scripture. The Pharisees elevated the oral law above the written law. Canon Law is akin in many ways to the Talmud. I didn’t fully appreciate this aspect of Catholicism when I converted. If I had truly understood the role the magisterium plays in the lives of the laity, I would have never become Roman Catholic.


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