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Just asking for opinions and what others do. I like the KJV NT and basically read it. For the OT I read the jewish tanaukh. What would be the best OT bible to read to read our 7 non-protestant books of the OT? I’m not crazy about the NAB but I’m open to opinions.


If you like the KJV, have you thought of a Douay Rheims translation?


Billcu1: Since I studied Hebrew (eons ago!) I have found the Douay-Rheims Bible as the most accurate as well as beautiful to read. Uses older English, just as the very poor translation of the KJV does, but is much, much more accurate & an excellent translation from the original documents in Hebrew & Greek. Also follows well with the common language spoken by Jesus and His disciples. You may be able to check a copy in a local library, or certainly could find one to check out by reading some verses in your local Catholic Book Store or Gift Shop. I use only the Douay-Rheims now, it is very beautiful, an accurate translation. Of course, all translations lose a bit just from translation, but this version is as close as you can get to the original language. I just don’t like the modern language versions, they lack the beauty of the original Vulgate or Hebrew.


The best bible is the one you’ll read.

You can maybe find a KJV with the “apocrypha” if you like that (still wonder how anyone likes that version:shrug:)

I have been using the RSV and I like it a lot.

Oh and get familiar with an NIV if you do a lot of apologetics with Evangelicals. When they can’t even answer verses in that version it is hard for the, to keep battling :smiley:


If you like the KJV, look up the Douay-Rheims. It’s more or less the Catholic equivalent.

Besides that, though, I recommend the Ignatius Bible (RSV-2CE). It’s the one I have with me at college.


The RSV-CE is a direct descendant of the King James; that’s probably the best option for you.


Would all those knocking the King James like to back up their opinions?


Great question that’s on all serious seekers’ minds at some time.

Word-for-word and context-for-context, I’ve found the ESV & NASB as precise interpretations & useful for understanding difficult passges. To quote from the ESV preface:

To this end each word and phrase in the ESV has been carefully weighed against the original Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek, to ensure the fullest accuracy and clarity and to avoid under-translating or overlooking any nuance of the original text.


Does the ESV have the “Catholic” books (in the correct place)?


World’s best study bible


The KJV is a corrupt protestant Bible. Why on earth would a Catholic choose the KJV.
Your best bet is the RSV-CE.


Definitely This!!!

I would say you can’t go wrong with either Douay or the RSV-2CE. The choice I would make between the two is if you want your English modern (RSV) or more archaic (Douay). The original RSV-CE or a Confraternity would have some archaic English but not as much as the Douay.


I’ve heard of the D-R but not this RSV-CE. What does that term even mean?


It stands for Revised Standard Version - Catholic Edition


The RSV-CE is, according to Jimmy Akin, the most faithful to the original manuscripts. I believe it is also what is quoted in the English translation of the Catechism.


Hi billcu1
I get a kick out of reading the 1917 (JPS) Tanakh, doublets and all. The 1985 version reads just like any other regular Protestant bible. I am extremely partial to the Jerusalem Bible (JB). Not NJB which has been fixed as has been the NABRE. For something of the KJV persuasion you might check out the New English Bible(NEB). The NT of that is readily available online.


I have not yet seen a copy of the ESV with the Deuterocanonicals.


Sounds like I might check this D-R out. Is there an online place for it? has a bible on it but I don’t know what version.


Considering its commentary on “Let us make” in Gen 1:26, I’m assuming it’s the NAB. (Which makes sense, because the USCCB made the NAB)


Regarding obtaining the Douay-Rheims Bible – I got my copy from EWTN Catalog. If you want to see one without buying initially, I’d suggest a good library or a Catholic Book Store or Gift Shop in one of the larger towns. It is an excellent translation & is the more modern version of the original Vulgate Latin, and checked against all remaining versions and documents from Aramaic, Hebrew, Greek and Latin. I have checked the translation of parts of the Old Testament in the Douay-Rheims against the Hebrew Talmud and original Scriptures. Those sections I checked were very accurate, allowing for translations to make sense. For instance, the Ten Commandments in the Douay-Rheims is very close to the Hebrew, although not literal, they are an excellent translation into English. They also agree well with the original Latin Vulgate.:thumbsup:

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