Best book about Fatima?

I’m looking for a good book on Fatima. I’m mainly interested in the lives of the 3 children afterward, and how they carried out Mary and the angel’s instructions to help save sinners, not so much in the miracle of the sun or the prophecy about Russia, etc.

My favorite Fatima books are the ones told by Sister Lucia in her own words. She describes a lot about her daily life and her interactions with her friends Francisco and Jacinta, including after the apparition.


I think “Fatima for today” by Fr Andrew Apostoli is a very good book, but whether or not it meets what you’re looking for.


This is a very good book, very balanced and well written. I am always leery of books regarding Fatima, as they can go off into wild tangents that can mislead the reader. Choose your books carefully. I try to go with the books that actually reflect what Lucia actually wrote. “Fatima in Lucia’s Own Words” is your best source.


Fr Apostoli’s work is the definitive book on the apparitions at Fatima.

I honestly cannot remember how much biographical information it contains about the visionaries, but, it is the best place to begin.

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