Best book about Our Lady of Fatima


Anybody have a favorite book about Our Lady of Fatima? I couldn't post in the book club for some reason, but I'm sure there are some in this thread that have a recommendation.



For many years after it first came out in 1947 Catholics preferred “Our Lady of Fatima,” by William Thomas Walsh. In recent years some excellent books on Fatima have been coming out. I especially appreciate Lucia’s own accounts of what happened, which have published in the book “Fatima in Lucia’s Own Words; Sister Lucia’s Memoirs,” edited by Louis Kondor. This provides the later accounts of the sister who had been one of the three children, of Lucia who died a few years ago and who I expect will be canonized, just like the other two children of Fatima have been canonized.


Fr. Andrew Apostoli has one out and Fr. Robert Fox has a couple. Fr. Fox's musings are disjointed but informative, and he believes the spiritual aspects of Fatima, which is good. Some don't. That is bad.

Some offer the "incomplete third secret" diatribe and "fourth secret of Fatima" speculation with a coverup by Vatican officials. These seem more concerned with the worldly aspects of what we can ascertain by following the "clues" to get to the "real" truth. They don't believe the Church. Undoubtedly some of these adherents will appear in this thread at some point.

It is the spiritual aspects that are most important, the Angel of Fatima, the Trinity present in the Eucharist, and the prayers and sacrifices we should offer for ourselves and others. The books that pass over these topics to stipulate the false notion that the consecration of Russia has not been done or the myriad of conspiracies related to the real "secret", should be avoided.


"Song of the 3 Shepherds" is close to a Hollywood rendering of the Fatima story per a convert to Catholicism who worked in Hollywood. I can't for the life of me understand why this book published by Father Fox's organization was never a major success. He takes the facts of stories and makes it into something like a motion picture, he also presents it in great detail, even the events of the decades following Fatima. In some things, I don't think Father Fox has been that apt at presenting Fatima but I found this book to be classic. Father Fox's own books seem at times, to repeat information already said.


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