Best Book About Padre Pio?

I am looking to read about Padre Pio. Does anyone have any opinion as to the best book written about, or by, Padre Pio?

Is there one book that is always pointed to as the one to read?


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I guess not many people have read books about Padre Pio… :slight_smile:

A friend recommended Padre Pio: Man of Hope.

Anyone read it?

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“Man of Hope” is an excellent book on St. Pio. I have read it and highly recommend it. I can also recommend “Send Me Your Guardian Angel”.


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Thank you, MikeJacobus! :slight_smile:

I started this thread over a week ago, with no responses. I bumped it up by adding more info in another post, but still only views and no responses. :blush:

Thank you for being a trail blazer! You are a leader, not a follower! :thumbsup:

OK, I’m going overboard, but I really do appreciate your response. :tiphat:

I’ve been reading Man of Hope, and it is amazing.

What a guy, what a life. Its real, oh wow its all real… thats what blows me away.

Bless the Lord!!!

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