Best Book For Understanding the Human Soul?

What is a Soul?

I heard of: The Human Soul by Abbot Vonier. Thoughts? :slight_smile:

Hey, I’m not sure what the best book to read would be… but I’ll chip in my :twocents: in case they help!

Originally the word soul just means principle of life. Because of this both plants and animals are said to have souls as well as humans. Often when people talk about the soul today they are referring to the eternal soul of humans.

The connection between the soul and the individual is very close, because of this, many people have been led to say that people are souls, thinking of the human body as merely extrinsic to the person. However, if that were the case, death would not be a punishment in any respect, as it would simply be the removal of something extrinsic to the person which prevents it from existing as it ought to by its nature. Which means that both the body and the soul are important parts of each individual. The soul is more important as it is the principle of our life as humans, but it is a part of the nature of the soul that it is meant to exist with a body so as to complete each person as an individual human. So the soul of each human is the immortal and immaterial part of them.

This is only a beginning… there is so much more to the understanding of the soul than this, its dignity, etc. I think I might keep an eye on this thread so I can use some of the recommendations myself!:wink:

Thanks! That was quite helpful. :slight_smile:

I’d recommend “Theology for Beginners” by Frank Sheed. It goes over the basics and thus talks about the soul.

Be forewarned though, I put it down 3 times before finally making it through it. Even though it’s “for beginners”, I found it took ALL of my concentration to make sure I understood the argument/explanation.

Hello. I think you would really like St. Teresa of Avilla’s book The Interior Castle. It’s not long or complicated, and it’s by a saint! Your soul is like an interior castle. In it there are many mansions. Enjoy

I’d go for Divine Mercy in my Soul by Saint Faustina Kowalska, detailing her visions of Jesus in the 1930s. John Paul II himself pushed for her beatification when he was the Archbishop where she came from.

Oh, wow, thanks so much! I always wanted to read this but never knew it was about the soul. :thumbsup:

Of course!:slight_smile: I’m reading right now. She really is a delight to read. If you would like to talk of spiritual things you can message me. Enjoy!

Thanks for the offer Ctuck!

I just finished re-reading the Diary. It seems like every time I pick it up I learn something new. The simple style of St. Faustina makes the essence and workings of our souls easier to understand than a plethora of theological treatises. I would highly recommend this for a first foray into defining the soul and its relation to God.

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